Saturday, September 23, 2017


Good Day All,
I have been working on a Keynote speech that will be delivered on Tuesday to a very diverse group of business leaders and investors from across the country.
It will be to share the CWK story.
With that being said it has forced me to reflect back on the journey that started with a Twenty dollar bill and a goal. A simple goal to ride coast to coast.
There were a number of ways to accomplish this however it was most important to ride and share in a fashion that inspired others to step beyond the “mental” barriers that bind so many of us.
Communicating with the incredible people along the Journey was priceless.
I was able to witness people remove layers of “life happens” clutter from their thoughts, allowing creative thought to glisten.  Soon each person began to share their stories of what they had once done and more importantly began to paint a vision or plan to pursue a current passion.
Observing each of these beautiful people create a vision and again being able to witness the transformation from “going about the day” to striving after the day was incredible.
It was not far into this journey I began to realize the tremendous positive impact we we experienced  with a growing number of people.
Those of you that know me understand I spend very little time reflecting back.
Typically the future is where I invest my creative thought.
However it has been quite surreal taking a step back, looking at the pics and vids over that last few years..
Reflecting back has firmly reinforced the belief and understanding of the most significant force that we all possess and the have the ability to exercise.   A smile:)

It requires only a genuine smile and a kind word of encouragement to change a life..
Or at the very least have an impact. Not only that person but also the next person they come in contact with and so on.

As we go about our daily activities, we are surrounded by people.
For example; Standing in line at the grocery store.. We never know what clutter or concerns the person behind us or on the other side of the cash register has experienced this day.
Relationships, children, mortgage or perhaps an illness in the family.
We simply do not know? It may be reflected in their demeanor or perhaps they cover it well.
Regardless of circumstances, casting a smile and kind word is without fail the best way to reflect a little light. It will surely brighten someone's day:)

Im not a fan of telling people what to do.
However Im asking to please exercise your incredible smile today:)
Someone could be counting on it!

I best get back on the speech.
Have a glorious day:)

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

"Spirit of the Road"

Hello Everyone.

My departure has been delayed a bit.

A friend of mine introduced me to Chris Loid.  Chris is a singer songwriter currently residing in Fort Worth TX.
I reached out to Chris in hopes he could help interpret thoughts, feelings, and some of the emotion, that flows thru our soul while experiencing such a wonderful adventure.
After days of communication, and Ideas grew, I feel he has done an incredible job with this song.
I will let you decide for yourself:)

I have spent days putting together a vid from riding across this incredible Nation.
Thanks Chris for this heartfelt song.

Be safe out there, keep the “Rubber Side Down”
Chat soon!

Its posted on Facebook
Just hit the following link:)

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Exciting weekend!

Hello all:)
This weekend was a flood of reality!
Saturday was a euphoric in ways hard to describe:)
Some things are coming together like ping pong balls and mouse traps!
LOTS of moving parts lol
Had the opportunity to get some lead reel filming done, however its a lot of time and energy getting it put together. Will be looking forward to sharing when complete:)

Would like to thank each and every one of you kicking around the camp fire Saturday.
A special thanks to the people standing in the back ground that took this pic:)
And of coarse the Guys getting it all captured on film.
Your awesome:)

Less than a week away from departure I realize I have run out of time.
So many things left to do but no time to left to do them.
Suppose you could say it's part of the adventure:)

Back to work! Lol
Hope to see you all soon:)

Friday, May 19, 2017

Departure not far away.

Hello everyone,

Getting close to throttle time!
Florida on 50 bucks it is:)
Florida is the last remaining corner to go on a $50

If you're just now joining us you will find this Blog to be about going after your passion and let nothing stand in your way! Regardless of what it is!

When Im on the road like this I make it very clear I do NOT have to do this. I choose to step WAY out of my comfort zone to share with others that it's ok:)

If you're inspired to get out and do something off the hook, then awesome!
If you feel sorry for me then you don't quite get it yet:)

So as I navigate the US I will be looking forward to meeting many of you along the way..
Please keep in mind I will NOT be asking you for financial support, I would never allow that to interfere with pure conversation.
However I would ask one thing...
Here is how you each can help…

Follow Along, that's it…
When I ask this i'm talking about actually hitting the “follow like and share buttons” :)
On this page and Facebook page:)

You may detect a little reservation in my voice, its just kinda dawning on me that I have now commited publicly!

I do not have my exact route planned as of yet, weather is still a bit of a factor in places and so many people to meet.

You guys are awesome!
Thanks for watching:)

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

6 min of last weekend

Hello all:)

Been busy busy! But all good stuff:)
I did make a quick Vid from last weekend, and will be folloing up with the full experience.
This is something a little different;)

Chat soon

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Tire done!

Good Morning,

So Tuesday morning all packed and ready to head out.
Weather is beautiful! Looking forward to meeting up with a number of friends over the next couple days here in the Northwest!

Bike washed and waxed, Trailer also washed and waxed.  Nice to get back out with everything all shinny:)

Quick check of oil and tire pressure..
Oil good, tire pressure turns out is not that important….
When rolled bike back to expose the air valve I discovered this!

I knew it was getting thin. In fact ordered a tire the day before anticipating changing it out when back.
Well didn't work that way…

Instead I spent Tues, Wed & Thurs on logistics….
I received the call Thurs evening that my tire had arrived so looking forward to getting installed as early as possible Friday!

I had been in contact with Cycle Town a successful local dealer. Keep in mind it's the busy time of year for them however they assured me if I removed the tire/wheel and brought it in they would get right on it!

Now i'm no slouch when it comes to figuring stuff out but time is a real challenge right now.
So I reached out to Vulcan riders to see what pointers I could utilize to save time and frustration..
Turns out it's a fairly simple R&R.

Good stuff! Thanks Kawasaki Vulcan Owners Group

Tire removed and at the down at shop..
I am not looking forward to putting this thing back together with only two hands. Looking for a third hand:)
My buddy Carl had just returned the day before so guess who I called lol
When I removed the tire I taped the entire process. However when Carl arrived to help, It went back together so fast I failed to take even one pic lol..
Turned out to be a great day!
Tire back on, and test ride with my Brother Carl!
Good times...

Today is likely to be a very busy day! Heading to the Umatilla Marina!
Looking forward to a new vid:):)

Ok, I’m getting on it!
Have a glorious Saturday!!

Chat soon

Monday, May 8, 2017

Time for some riding!

Hello all,

Been a bit busy working on some ideas while working towards the “Big Picture”
Its no secret I've been on the road a while working towards getting a TV program put together.
Till that happens, I'm in that position where it will be nice to have some income along the way:)
In addition to Representing Aspen Quality Trailers, i'm also making videos for people to share on their Facebook pages and or Website.
Only done a couple but it has been lots of fun!

If you go to the top of the page and look at “Relationships” you will see a few:)

Nonetheless been dang busy lol
In the last couple weeks this is some of the locations.

Pullman Wa.
Pullman RV park:)
It rained for two days. I hid under the awning:(

The ride back was awesome tho.
Lewiston / Clarkston below!
This Pic does nothing for the view, Its incredible!

Couple days later it was off to Baker City, Or.
Went up to chat with Rick and Luke, Proprietors of Lefty's Taphouse.
Visit the "relationship page" on the top and you will see the vid we made:)
Great times with incredible people!

Stayed in a hotel while In Baker, wanted a good work-space and it was DANG cold!
Did a quick video for the Eldorado Inn:)
They are popular with Riders as you can see from the pic lol

So back to the shop for a day then off to Seattle Wa.
A fellow rider out of Seattle wanted to take a peak at the "Aspen Trailer" so beings my availability  is starting to tighten up, figured would be a good reason to go for a nice ride across Washington:)

Beautiful Ride it was!
I called the Seattle/Tacoma KOA in advance to let them know I would be arriving around 6:00.
Have stayed at this location many of times over the years!
Karen who happens to own a couple of Harley's had me a spot with power waiting:)
The Staff are so friendly, one of the many reasons I choose KOA when available.
I was much later than I anticipated so was happy to see the "KOA" sign.

The "Fellow riders" were patiently close by when I arrived. We enjoyed many awesome riding adventure stories:)
They have an incredible adventure lined up! 
Look forward to watching them:)

As Riders, we may be from different parts of the world, Country's, States, Cities, and neighborhoods.
We all have different spots on the social economical pyramid.
However we all have a common denominator that binds us...
The love of riding.

Next morning back over Snoqualmie Pass before the thunder storms roll in!
Still tons of snow!
The summit was a bit chilly but the rest of the ride was absolutely amazing:)

Currently caught up so will likely head in a direction in the morning.
Somewhere in the Northwest now that the weather is AWESOME!

Then in a couple three weeks headed to Tennessee!
Looking forward to seeing some good friends there;)

Time to get back on some packing!
Thank you. Each and every one
Chat soon,