Monday, June 30, 2014

So Plan for Tomorrow:) The coast:):):)

So after talking to several locals, the consensis is Charleston SC.
After looking at the Map Im doing it, leaving first thing in the Morning.
I will be leaving with 45 bucks in my walet, it covers any fuel challenges I may run into:) 
Also puts me on the coast early afternoon.. i like that idea:)
As I have shared in the past, getting to a location early makes it much easier to find a decision maker when it comes to lodging.
Looking forward to being on the coast:) also looking forward to enjoying a relaxing rest of the trip... 
When I left Oregon I has a Monster sence of urgency to get across the county... kinda like getting the up hill part of the Journey behind me.. 
Met some awesome people today, re affirming my confidence in Man Kind:)

RV's For less, Knoxville TN, Butch B.

Thank You for the 20 to keep me on the Road, and the advice on going to 
Charleston VS Virginia Beach lol

Go Ken Supporter Savannah W. Knoxville TN

Thanks for the full tank of gas Savanna:)

Go Ken Supporter Rosemary C.

Thank you for the 10 bill to keep me on the road, Go live your Dream Rosemary!!

Seymour Oil & Lube Seymour TN

Rick of Seymour Oil & Lube, 
Thank you for the $10 donation for getting me on my way:)
Thank again Rick!!

This is the cleanest shop I have ever seen, Bar none, in fact 2006 best looking shop in the United States:)


KFC for lunch, Seymour TN

Thanks for lunch to the staff at KFC :)

Go Ken Supporter, Thank you Nicolas W. Seymour TN

Daniel K. Go Ken Supporter

Thanks Daniel, the 5 bucks will help lots :)

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Just thinking 6.29.14

So its been right at 1 month, This adventure has taken many turns..
At times I feel like its absolutely ridicules to even consider Crossing the Country with a 20 dollar bill and a full tank of gas.
Some moments it all comes together, just like falling out of a tree, all ya have to do is let go and gravity will do the rest lol..
Other times its like you have to be shitting me... Cant believe im laying on concrete picnic table in a rest area 2500 miles away from home.. But I guess thats when " it is what it is" comes to mind lol
After reading what I just typed, I cant help but think I must be nuts, or very stubborn?
I must say, I have always been intrigued by people. We all come from different places,backgrounds, finances etc. I have always been a believer in it takes all types of people to make up the world and certainly getting to experience it first hand:)
Im grateful for being able to do this little adventure, I feel its made me a better person, certainly more understanding.
I look forward to seeing just how far I can go with this little advernture :)
I know I have said this before, But a sincerely want to thank each and every one of you for helping me along..
Its been a priceless learning experience:)
We will talk again soon.
Keep the rubber side down, live your Dream.
Oh, and this is A train going thru Nebraska, kinda hard to see behind me but it was awesome being there:)

Original Video About the plan, this was done a Month ago :)

This is just a reminder of the plan when I started:)
Feels like a lifetime ago lol

Ram S. go Ken supporter Raceway 8605 Ashville hwy

Hooked me up with a couple cold beers :)
Thank you much:)

So this is what im thinking?

This is the route im thinking? 
I have discovered the bigger the city, the more challenging this becomes.. 
Tomorrow(Monday) I have over the phone court, If you recall I recieved a ticket..
Also tomorrow I feel gathering some resources will be important, After equiping the Bike with power plug im down to $ 6.00 I will be giving a $2.00 tip for my lunch so will have 4 bucks left..Hmmm.
I do believe its time to do something drastic lol
Perhaps I should dust off the Gas sign?
Or Perhaps aproach a business or two for a small sponsorship? Im thinking $40 will give me a comfort zone for fuel and possibly Tolls?
So if I get 4 places of busines to provide $10.00 each this should do it?
I will let you know how it goes..
LODGING? yikes..
Tomorrow I will make a couple phone calls to hotels to see if I can get a posative response, wish me luck lol
I do want to thank each and every person for checking out my Blog.. Close to Five thousand hits now:)
Im getting back on it..
Keep the rubber side down and always be safe out there:)

Shoney's Alcoa TN

I have ate at Shoney's Several times in the past, in fact last time I road the Dragon, located very close to the entrance of the dragon,I stopped in For Breakfast:)
Great food and plenty of it, the Buffet is awesome:)
Sugee, (pic below) makes you feel just like part of the family.
Timing could not have been better, I failed to put my rain gear on again!! someday I will learn.
Thank You Very much:)

My Journey :)

So this Idea has really been interesting, going from riding with out wondering where im getting gas, eating or Staying to leaving Oregon with a 20 dollar bill and a full tank of gas:)

The Gas Sign:)
The first week of getting reaction was Really fun, letting people know what "The Plan" was.
My plan was to show a person could ride the country With very limited resources VERY lol.
The Support was intant:) 

Fuel cards have been offered at several locations, Thank You:)
Not always is this the case however.

Lodging has been offered as well, 
The Staff At the BakerCity Best Western Certainly gave me a boost of confidence:)

Now i have also stayed in some less desireable spots, for example this little location outside of Rock Springs WY.
Wont be going back that way... 

I must say Food has been awesome

The largest reward is some of the wonderful people I have met and rode with along the way:)

Even tho he wrote me a ticket for a NON DOT helmet he was still liking what i was doing lol

So im a day away from the Atlantic, looking forward to the rest of the Journey:)
Thanks to all of you:)

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Oil Change next, Oh and Yes, this thing had 222 miles on it when i bought it just over a month ago:

It dont seam possible but I have put just over 7000 miles on this thing in just over a month, it had 222 miles on it when i found it on craigslist, it had 224 on it the day I took it home...
I actually changed the oil in it right after i purchased it, I then changed it again at 2000 miles, I realize its overdue, but have been a little busy lol

Adding power point for charging phone

I have spent way to much time stressign on my phone being dead, I had collected a couple tens and fives from "Go Ken" supporters, so decided to invest in a power plug and the stuff to add it to the bike, I would normally look for a sponsor, but decided to just get it done:) 
I have also been experiencing some starting challenges like dead battery, so figured would inspect the wires, they appear to be connected good, hope its not a starter? 
Its lite enough i can push start it if need be:)

All done:) Oh and yes it works, no more dead devices:)

Evelyn S. Go Ken Supporter:)

Thanks for the fuel Evelyn :)

All American Tabacco, Hooked me up with some smokes

Thanks Ali  the Uzbek:) Hooked me up with smokes for the road :)
In process of moving locations Very nice guy:)

Oil and filter, Done:)

I want to thank the Fellas that hooked me up with oil and filters for the Honda, 
for corporate reasons cant take a pic but you know who you are and Thank you:)

Lynn B. Go Ken supporter:)

Thanks Lynn,:)

Mark M, Bought my lunch:)

So im setting here eating my lunch, first time i decided to just go enjoy a meal without aproaching about my blog.. 
Mark is a friendly guy and we struck up quick conversation.
Just being a genuine nice guy Mark grabs the ticket and said lunch is on him, Just because.
It was after the fact I learned he is  realtor, I attached his card.
thanks Mark M. 

Friday, June 27, 2014

Tire or Wheel Vibration?

I have developed a Tire or Wheel Vibration? Feels like coming from the rear, I suppose tomorrow will be visiting a Dealer, also very due for an oil change..
Im hoping a parts store will help with oil and filter, Its only $18.00 for the oil and filter. So hopefully get some help w that tomorrow:)

Wow, Just got Dumped on.. It really rains down here... Cookville TN,

Its Crazy how it can just Poor here!! I do do mean like Really Really Rain!
In seconds I was drenched.. thought I would stop soon so kept going...
Yet again, I should have put on some gear..
Hope this goes away tho, I will not be looking forward to riding the dragon if its raining.
Im Thinking Knoxville this evening and getting some over due sleep.

Quick update, and live your dream:)

Sikeston, MO, Miner Mobil, Thank you Sherry:)

So i have made it to Sikeston, will be crossing over a couple really big Bridges soon, Charging the Phone so i can video it, so keep watching..
Want to Thank the Minor Mobil for getting me fueled up and on My way, they are about 1 mile off the interstate exit #67:)

Pevely MO On the Run, Thank you BethTeam!!

So after a very long night of riding, I was pleasantly suprised to bump into such happy people first thing in the Morning, Its very clear why they are so successfull:)

Nitht emergency landing procedure:)

My Flight instructor taught me this:) 

Thursday, June 26, 2014