Saturday, July 26, 2014

Ok its Time again.

Hello All, 
So been thinking its time, This time however going about it a little different.
As Many of you know the biggest challenge I have experienced is Lodging.
The reason is not what you may be thinking?
Most everyone thinks The Blog and the Idea is really cool:) BUT, when you arrive at a Hotel after like 3pm the Person with the ability to make a decision on providing a room has typically gone home for the day.
So I get a lot of come back in the morning and talk to the Decision maker:)
Well I have been looking into towing a trailer.
Have looked at many options.
My first choice( pic below)

Ok just kidding, leaving this one at home lol
Actually a tent trailer designed to tow with a bike ( pic below)

So the drawback is Weight, this thing loaded weighs right at 500 pounds
This particular one belongs to a friend of mine, he let me tow it around to decide if it would work.
I have very comfortably towed this exact style with my Harley, However I will be on a Shadow 750.
After I towed it about 20 miles I decided it would be " ok " not perfect but "ok"
I had a lead on trading for one, but it did not work out.

So then the box idea ( pic below)

This one belongs to another friend, Way lighter will haul lots of stuff, easy to tow..
After towing it I have decided light is the way to go..
Problem: still now sleeping arraignment.. Cant pitch a tent on walmart parking lot..
They will alow tent trailers however.

You can also see in the above pic I have built a hitch for the bike, Its not complete by any means, but totally functional:)

So The final trailer is going to be a flatbed, (Pic below) 

I will add a 2 foot front to this trailer, it will fold flat to provide a 6.1 flat surface for sleeping.
I will then put a tent over the top of it, thus a "tent" trailer lol
So now I will have the ability to pull over and sleep when the sun starts to go down.. 
No more riding all night!!

Some of the other things im going to focus on is more detail for example where I am and what im doing, It will actually be more fun this way, stop and smell the roses so to speak..
When your on the Bike 10,12,14+ hours a day its sometime challenging to slow down and chat with the people providing the ability to make this idea work.
So im going to slow down a bit:)
Slowing down will aslo alow time for better posting on the blog, getting everything on the blog instead of having dosens of pics that would be totally out of order if posted now. lol

The Bike will also be getting a few upgrades.. Highway pegs for sure, cant believe I waited till now to install them..
Of coarse the hitch and wiring is all being added..

Now for the biggest Change....
Taking a girl with me. (pic below)

She likes to ride, will be figuring out the safest way for her to be a passenger, she really likes setting on the tank.. But we will have to do a little more thinking on that one..
Oh, her name is Little Bit :)

So I obviously have some work to get done, My thinking is hit the road in the next several days.

Keep the Rubber side down and always be safe:)
Talk soon.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Im Home..

So I am Home:)
The last couple of Months have been Awesome!! ( just shy of 12k miles )
Being thousands of miles away from home On a Motorcycle is always and adventure:)
However when you add a twist, It becomes an AMAZING Adventure!
As you all know, I was in complete dependency on public to provide most everything needed.
Fuel for example, When aproaching a fuel desk I would simply share my adventure :) 
After I got past what I have called the " Ken your full of shit look " 
I then share how I have made it this far with only 20 bucks.. btw, had $8 left lol
The Replies are  generally very posative with just the slightest hint of " your shitting me " remaining. But then everyone seams to come out with something they have done or want to do:)
Very nice to witness people thinking out of the Box a little.
Now that im back in the North West, I will be looking forward to some local riding (500 mile)
The Northwest is very diverse in riding oportunities, so after a couple days of recoup will be getting on it LOL.
I have one blog to add about the Coast to Coast adventure, I have spent hours on how to share about Greensburg KS.

Keep the Rubber side down and always be safe out there.
Talk soon.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

LongView Bridge

Getting ready to cross from Oregon over into Washington at Longview, Its a shortcut kinda lol

GKS Nathan K. Astoria OR,

So headed home, Nathan hooked me up with a full tank of gas..
now can get back past Portland, What a relief:)
Thank you Nathan.

Coast to Coast Accomplished:)

So I have made it to Seaside OR.
I will follow up a bit later with a summary, Still need to get home lol.
There have been Many Inspriring Moments along the way, Some I have yet to post..
For example, My Visit to "The Well" in Greensburg KS..
I have yet to share how touching and inspiring story of the town of Greensburg.
I will add a post just on this topic..
For now, looking forward to getting home and figuring out the next Ride, Or Challenge:)
We will talk soon..
Keep the Rubber side down, and always be safe out there:)

GKS Warrenton OR, Leah P.

So I have hit the coast, Stopped for lunch...
Im going to warm up eat and head Back.
Thanks for lunch Leah:)

GKS Lori T. Hood River OR

So getting closer to the Coast, Lori T. Topped me off with 2 gal of fuel, 
Sooooo excited about reaching Seaside today:)

GKS, Biggs Junction April N. Holly B.

So Realized getting low on smokes so April and Holly hooked me up,..
Starting to warm up a little, To early for hot lol:)

GKS Boardman OR Patti B.

Patti hooked me up with a gal of fuel to get me off to Hood River:)
So incase you were all wondering I am headed to the Coast :) I hope to go all th way the way today:)

Monday, July 14, 2014

Home, But?

Good Evening all Go Ken Supporters:)
My Journey has brought me to my home town, However...
I feel I must continue on to the Pacific Ocean, this way i feel confident, Coast to Coast with a twenty dollar bill is a reality:)

Although im in my home town, I have strictly remained with in the perimeters of my budjet.
I will be sleeping in my own bed. but other wise not waivering from my original thoughts.
I guess a good example would be Not ordering chinese delivery for dinner, or adding highways pegs to the bike lol
Both, would be great :):)
But not.
Now I may change my oil in the morning, but will go about it the same way as In the south.. 
Go out and find a GKS  lol  :)

The Blog Reached over 10 Thousands Clicks today, Thank you.. It motivates me to provid a better quality Blog...I apreciate everyones patience and imput:)

Another Goal,Spending more time in interesting towns, getting to know the People, the industry, what makes the town function..
This Crazy little adventure has been soooooo edjucational, Have learned so many new things about the  diversity of our Country, Both Posative and Challenging.
I look forward to a greater understanding as our adventure continues:)
Thank you so much for following along.

Untill we chat again, 
Keep the Rubber side down:)

GKS Mike B. Hermiston OR

Time for a Pack of Smokes, Six pack of Keystones and 2 gal of gas..
Thanks Mike B. :)

GKS Dayton Wa, Annie M

1.5 Gal of fuel end 2 brownies lol
I waited to get gas here just because i knew they had great brownies and Great service..


Subway Lewiston ID Catherine F.

Well the Heat is not as bad as expected today so decided to stop and grab a quick Breakfast, 
Looking forward to being home in a few hours:)
THanks again 

GKS, Lewiston ID, Justin D. Fred C.

Thank you for the 2.6 gal of fuel should only need to stop for fuel to be back to home:)
Thank you very much:)

Thank You:)

Thank you:)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Hanging out with Glen A. Riggins ID,

Today has been totally awesome,
My buddy Glen took me for the tour of Riggins ID, 
The Fish hatchery John with RRSH gave us a quick tour.. 

This is where they keep the Fish comfortable till they are ready to spawn..
John Feeding the fish By Hand, John has tremendous Knowledge on the Process, glad we were able to spend a little time with him, He certainly has a Passion for what he does.. 

So after the fish hatchery we went to take a closer look at the Salmon River, What beautiful country :)

Some how Glen got his Mug in there lol..

Went up the Canyon Popular for rafting..
As you can see from the temp would be a great day to be in the water:)
Glad to be in an Air Conditioned truck at the moment lol

My Buddy Glen and Karen A. Riggins ID.

So After the last several weeks I have been ready for a little down time...
I could not resist the invitation to Visit Glen and Karen, Beautiful people I feel fortunate to have them as friends..
Just a glimps of the relaxing environment they call home:) 
For me it feels like the most amazing Bed and Breakfast, however way more personal,
They even stocked the fridge with a six pack of Keystone lights lol
Today Glen is going to go show me around the Riggins, My Grandparents are actually from this area so will be very neet to see some sights:)

Breakfast is on its way:)
What great Host, I so love these guys:)

Every corner of their amazing home has a treasure, Karen is very creative to say the absolute least:)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

GKS, Counsil ID, Sarah J.

Sarah hooked me up with a gal of gas, now can make it the rest of way to Riggins:)
Thank you much:)

104 Degrees, this is ridicules!! Cambridge ID

I hate to be a wimp but you have got to be kidding me...
Its freaking HOT!!
Cooling off at the Cambridge ID Sinclair...

GKS Payette ID, Amber A. Lunch

Amber hooked my up with a little lunch for the road.:)
Thank you Amber:)

GKS Ontario OR, Melinda (MO) H.

So Mo Hooked me up with the oil I so very much needed:)
Thank you very Much

GKS Fruitland ID Tyanna S.

Tyanna filled my bike, 2 gal to be exact:)
FYI it is freaking right at 100 out, silly me riding in the heat of the day right!!
Im very low on oil, not sure why i have gone thru it? so now im looking for a parts store to hopefully get a quart...
On my way to Riggins to see a very dear Friend.. My Buddy Glen:)
Looking forward to seeing him, its been way to long..

Sun coming up:) Moon going down

Sun Coming up, well its behind the cloud:)
Moon going down:)
Dang cant see the moon it!! its sitting on the mountain lol

GKS, Mountain Home ID, Lei L. Avory B,

So last fill up before Boise, 
The sun is starting to come up, I took off my jacket earlier but stopped right away to put back on.
Im going to try it again:)
Thanks guys for the fuel


Update:) Jerome Id

So its 3:56 in the morning, the ride has been awesome:)
Im only a couple hours away from Boise, As i get closer its warming up, decided to loose the jacket cap and Helmet. 
Just going with my favorite sweatshirt and vest, Im going to leave on the chaps just in case..
Clothing is a constant changing factor, seems like always have just a little to much on and Hot, or not enough on and cold lol,
"My" biggest drawback it Rain gear... As you have seen I typically wait to long to put it on lol
Well I supose I best get back on it..
Keep the Rubber Side Down and always be Safe:)
Talk soon 

GKS, Kimberly B. Jerome ID

Kimberly hooked me up with a Pack of smokes :)
THank you very much:)

GKS, Kristi K. Hayburn ID

Thank you for the fill up, took exactly one gal to get it to the top, 
About 160 to Boise so will have to stop one more time...
Again Thank you Kristi

GKS, Hayburn PD Hayburn ID

Hayburn officer Handed me 10 bucks for the trip 
Thank you Much:)

Anonymous Person, Hayburn ID..:)

I just ran into an person that handed me a 20 just because
Due to an X preffered not to be listed..

Friday, July 11, 2014

The weather is perfect:)

The temp right now is perfect, just hope don't get any cooler lol
Have about 4.5 hours to Boise, off and running :)

GKS, Taryn C. Elwood UT. Fuel

Thank you Taryn 1.4 Gal of fuel, Now im good for a couple hours:) 
Taryn is a litte shy, took forever to get her to agree to the pic, glad she finally did:)
Thanks again