Sunday, August 31, 2014

Making Progress:)

Hello everyone, 

Making some headway, With this much inventory it has taken a little time to get aclimated..
Still not on top of all of it but getting there!
The good news is, We had the perfect RV for someone yesterday, so they decided to go ahead and purchase it:)
Very exciting! 
I best get back on it!
Chat soon, 

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Good Morning:):)

The idea of getting a job to get my tire fixed has sent this adventure into a exciting direction!
Working at Brewed Awakenings was awesome! I really want to thank Kathleen, Lisa and Melissa for the opportunity, Truely was lots of fun and met some awesome people (regulars)...
So this is the Next Chapter !!
BoatnRV Rockwood TN!
Yes Im in familiar territory here and loving it:)!
Want to thank the staff at BoatnRV for the warm welcome:)
This location boast a very large and comprehensive selection of RV and Boats, and a HUGE indoor showroom!! Its like being at an RV show every day lol Will be looking forward helping our customers select the Boat or RV to fulfill their Dreams:)

I will keep you posted, Wish me luck and look forward to hearing from you:)
Till next time, 
Keep the Rubber side down and Always be safe out there.
Chat soon:)

Friday, August 29, 2014

Ok, the Twist Continues:):)

So Remember when I said I was looking thru Craigslist for jobs?
I ran across an post for RV sales person:)
Being VERY comfortable in the Industry I decided to go Check it out..
Well I like!!
Huge inventory, great Management and It just plain felt like home..
So im commited:)
Today was all about getting settled in..
Tomorrow I will get it all posted on the Blog:)
Wish me luck:)
Untill tomorrow, 
Keep the Rubber side down and Always be safe out there,
Chat soon.

GKS Lisa L. Seymour TN

Thanks Lisa thanks for the great attitude When I stop to get my evening Keystone:)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

LOL, on way to Brewed Awakenings and Never guess what happen??

So This Morning Im on My way to the Best coffee shop in town And Run out of GAS..
Here is the crazy thing..
Remember this picture??
I was at the gas station, went in and paid for 3.95 in gas, I was so excited about tire I took pics and shared the information on the Blog...
Welllllllllllll, I forgot to put the gas in lol.
I was very close to a gas station but pushing the bike NOT going to happen, Traffic on this road at 6:45 am is Bumper to bumper... and no shoulder...
So guess what I did??

Robert B. Lives on the corner and seen the situation,VERY nice guy
Robert thank you for giving me a hand..

This I Ben, The Manager of the Exxon, where I got the Gas, Well Forgot to get the gas lol

I was figuring someone had used the gas on the pump beings I had forgot, But Ben chuckled and was completely aware of The 3.95, He had it waiting for me...
Very Nice guy and wonderful staff...
Thank you Ben:)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hey, Guess What??

Check it out!:)!:)!:)
Oh yeah!!! 
Like riding a new bike all over again !!! dang
It reminds me of the story about the frog in a frying pan...
Put a frog in a HOT frying pan it will jump out...
Put a frog in a frying pan, warm it up slow and it will cook...
Now Never have tried it but ive heard it forever..

Bottom line had no idea how crappy it was riding till today:))

So for sure want to thank Remy and Shannon at Cycle One,
We traded out time, Remy swapped out my tire and I have done some weed eating...
I will be happy to go back and give him a hand in the shop, He said he would give me a call if there is something I can do for Them:)
Thanks again Guys.:)

Good Morning all:)

Im getting it down!!
Come by this morning and give one a try on your way to work:):)

Be Safe out there, 
Chat soon 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Fishing:) Glen and Karen A. Riggins ID.

So Remember my Dear Friends Glen and Karen A. ?
Here is a Reminder pic or two

The end of my first Cross country trip I stopped and spent a couple days with them, 
What a relaxing great time:)

We have a Fishing adventure planned for later in October, so they have shared a Video and Pic from today:)
Just a little glimps of what Im looking very forward too..
This River is right behind their Home..
And this is the Video they took Today!!
Talk about an adventure:)
Love ya both and looking forward to seeing you:)

Busy Day!!

Hello all:)
Today has been very busy, worked at Brewed Awakenings till 2 then went to Cycle One.
Cycle One has been busy as well:) Its very clear why they are so busy... great people!
I had a chance to chat with Shannon, Co Owner of Cycle One, they really are involved in the Sport.
Quite facinating to listen to some of their adventures:) 
I hope she gets the Web site updated soon lol
Beings they were so busy We decided tomorrow would work out better, Now important to understand, They were prepared to get it done today, but its not that big of deal to me so Tomorrow it is:)
Again Thank you so much Remy and Shannon:)
I have failed to collect any interesting pics today??? My Bad.
Going for now,
Keep the Rubber side down and Always be safe out there.
Chat soon, 
Oh, Fun filled adventure wanted to share!!
Mark, a GKS from just a while back had mentioned the "555" Riders
A group of riders that rode from Knoxville to Portland OR. 
All on Bikes Pre 1975 and Could not cost more than $500...
Go check this out!!!
Thank you Mark for sharing the link:)

Sunday, August 24, 2014

A little bummed.....

So as much fun as being out here running around the Country is... Im missing out on Helping my Buddy Dick H. work on the Trike.

He has it apart getting some wiring and fuel challenges taken care of...
Thank you for the update Hero:)

Looks a little diff with the body off!!

Please keep us all up to date on the Progress Dick:) 
Oh and Be careful Hero!!
Chat soon 

Good Morning:) 8-24-14 opps just changed the date lol

So Good Morning all:)

As you remember my tire is JUNK! 
Reminder lol

So today I have a couple things on my list.. 
Laundry and some maintenance on the bike.
Oh, lets take a look at the "Cash" situation?? Here it is:)

I know, your wondering where I was able to get such a "large"amount of Cash lol.
Well I got to thinking?? I have put in enough hours to have a check..
In the past I have had several employees that get an advance on their checks so I figured it would probly be Ok for me to do the same:)
So I asked the Boss for an advance (20) Scooby Doo!! 
I know the pic only shows 13... this is the result of a couple Keystones and Smokes...
OK OK OK, I know both are terrible! and I said yesterday I was DONE smoking!!
Well I lied! lol forgive me:)
ANYWAYS, (transition)
For all of you out riding today, wish I was along with you..
Keep the Rubber side down and Always be safe out there..
Chat soon:)

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Tire Completely done!!

Ok Im not being parranoid, yep, that cords showing, my tire is soooooo done lol,
Glad Monday it will be all pretty again.
Funny how it all works out:)

GKS, Tessa J. Chelsie L. Seymour TN. Connies Kitchen

Thanks for Breakfast :)

8-23-14 Sat Morning,

Good Morning :)

So Monday is the Big day to get my tire installed, Will be done by Cycle One In Knoxville.
We will be swapping out labor, or something:)
Very Nice people and have a great following.. Naturally I will be putting all their Information on a post..
Today is an open day for me, Im not on the work schedule so I can go out and see what kind of trouble to get into:)
Lets take a look at my current financial status, 
In my pocket, One dollar lol

Fuel, just flipped over to reserve...
Smokes, out but thats ok Im done with the discusting habbit, Im a "Non Smoker" 
Now lets not forget I have $$ coming from working, not sure exactly at this point but guessing somewhere between 70 & 80?? 
Now out of that will come Rent, I am paying 50 per week.
Im thinking today will be a great day to Find a "Go Ken Supporter"
Getting a little spooky on this tire lol, so wont be going to far:)

Well I best get on it:)
For now Keep the Rubber side down and Always be safe out there!
Chat soon, 

Friday, August 22, 2014

New Friends Chuck and Jake B. Sevierville TN.

Its amazing meeting really cool people what a great time :)

Got to love the beer Cooler!!

Good Morning, :)

Good Morning Everyone:)

A little foggy out there on the bike.. Yikes, so on your way to work 
Come by and get your Morning started with a Kathleen Special " Caramel Macchito" 

Time to get to work, 
Keep the rubber side down and alway be safe out there:)
Chat soon 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

GKS Sherry B. Doctor Kim. Knoxville TN

Sherry, Thank you very much for Breakfast:) and for the introduction to DR, Kim
Wow, after getting to Know Dr Kim, turns out he is a very interesting person, 
He has Founded and current Director of The Free Medical Clinic A Christian Ministry.
He is also being Inducted to the Wrestling Hall of Fame, In fact This event will be taking place Saturday evening..
Again Very interesting individual:)
Its amazing how many great people I have met on this Journey:)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

OK, a new twist:)

So as you all know, I have had some challenges, It seams to have come down to having a little cash on hand:)
I had toyed with the Idea of getting  a job last week after needing cash to get my tire fixed.
Well at one point I decided against it, well I have changed my mind:)
I started a new Job :):) 
Im a "Barista" ok, please alow me to rephrase my last statement, Im training to be a Barista:)
Wow, lot more to it then what it looks likes, There are so many kinds and combinations, not to mention timing is very important. Had no clue a person could ruin coffee so easily..
I have a ways to go, I did however make a few tasty coffee beverages today, what fun!
Oh,and did some cleaning also, pic below.

Looking forward to learning the trade:)
It will also be nice to put a little cash away for the remainder of the ride, "just in case"
Keep you all up to date.
Till we chat again, Keep the Rubber side down and always be safe out there.

GKS, Rachel S. Knoxville TN.

Rachel S. Knoxville TN
So Huge Thank you to Rachel, she set me up with a very comfortable room over the week end..
With everything going on I was really ready for a little breather:)
Again, THANK YOU:)

GKS, Patti A

Thanks for lunch :)

Friday, August 15, 2014

Today has Been AWESOME:)

Ok so today has been a great day:)

Oh and just so ya know, I have found someone to put my tire on, they strongly recomended a "New" Tube, so as you can see I have a "Go Ken" supporter to help with that..
The person that I have found to mount the tire is not available this after noon so I may go check one more place.
Oh I was a little concerned about my back brakes? I was informed they are fine:)
Anyways, life is great and looking very forward to the journey ahead:)
So as always, 
Keep the rubber side down and always be safe out there.
Chat soon,

GKS Keith H. Etowah TN

Thank you VERY much for the tube, so now I can put a new tube in my tire:))

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Guess what ?? :):)

Look what I have found:):)
Ronnie and Ian had......
A pile of tires, Only need one lol

So after digging for just a short while I found a couple:)

Both in pretty good shape, probly an nail hole or something, its ok tho because the shadow has tubes, so a nail hole will not make a difference:)
Took me like an hour to figure out how to get them on the bike,
I tried putting them on the back seat but that was an accident waiting to happen, 
So as you can see took the bags off then set the tires down over the sissy bar, 
this will work:)

GKS Ronnie H. Ian B Knoxville TN

Thanks for the tires:) 
I will go look them over to see the best to put on the bike:)
I will also have a spare:)

GKS, Mark R Knoxville TN

Thanks for the 4 bucks to help w some fuel:) 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Goal for Tomorrow!

Im not liking the recent subject matter of the blog. It has taken a weird turn with the Gas Sign and Seeking employment..
Dont get me wrong, the gas sign got me out of a very critical situation.. I was virtually OUT of gas and Cash, It enabled me to take a breath.. 
So after several hours of thinking about this situation, I have decided to get Proactive.
I will be actively seeking "Go Ken" supporters rather than waiting.
I probly rode by 150 businesses today, It only takes a handful of them to get me back on the road.
The idea of getting a job for a temp period of time I believe is unrealistic.( its not good business)
So In the morning I will be stopping at every business and sharing the blog..
Up untill this setback, my journey has progressed very well, and im not going to let a TIRE hold me up..
Have a good evening all,
We will chat soon,
A Pic I took a few weeks ago, never made it on the blog but I kinda like it:)

8-13-14 My day:) Updated.

So Im thinking? 
This Idea of leaving home with a twenty and traveling the country. ANYONE can hang out in a parking lot with a Gas sign. Im sure we will all agree with that..
It will create the funds needed to put a tire on the bike, and I feel would do it in a very timely manor.
I also believe that getting a job is just a matter of setting your mind to do so and get it done..
So today im going to start my day with the gas sign, however as im taking up space in the parking lot I will also be checking out craigslist for a job of some type..
Im thinking food service:)
Yesterday I glanced thru craigslist and found a couple jobs washing dishes or as a waiter, I talked with one of them last night and It actually sounds like fun:)
OR perhaps car dealers are always looking for someone to wash cars??
OR RV dealers the same..
I do believe I will look into some of these options:)
Now Reminder of the last trip.. I actually had gone to some local business, shared with them what I was doing and they were very supportive, I was actually able to raise like 40 bucks in a very short period of time. Im sure I could go out and do it again.BUT, I have done that already, now Im looking to try a new plan:)
Wish me luck, I will let ya know how it goes:)
Keep the rubber side down and always be safe out there.
Chat soon, 
So Have Stopped at many places today, Most were large franchises, Well the training typically last longer than I was looking to be employed, so that wont work...
I did meet someone in a Very cool Coffee Cafe, Sounded like lots of fun and a great learning opportunity.. I would be a "Barista"  Im really hoping that works out:) 
It was a great environment, very up beat, had an air of success. Just my kind of place:)
So Keep your fingers crossed for me:)
Oh, the husband of the Manager works at a Motorcycle shop, I will be headed there tomorrow to plow thru thier "take offs" Im hoping to find a good tire, the cool thing would be to work for a while, have a little reserve for "in case" 
Anyways stopping in just the one location made the day all good,
till we talk again, 
Keep the Rubber side down and always be safe out there.
Chat soon, 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

BAM, check this out!!

So today as im sitting in the parking lot, and Karem, One of my Go Ken Supporters today said I should call BAM and they would have someone out to get me back up and running..
I have done some reading and what an Amazing group..
Riders helping Riders
I joined instantly...
Now I will NOT be calling them for my current situation simply because needing a tire is just all part of this adventure.. I have put myself in this position by choice.
However, when your in the middle of nowhere we all think about the possibility of " The Breakdown"
It certainly brings peace of mind knowing fellow riders have you covered..
I will be sure to share this with all my friends and fellow riders:)
Karem, thank you for the great info:)

Twist's and turns??

Its funny how 2 and a half hours ago I was BROKE, no gas, no smokes etc...
Now I have a full tank of gas, smokes and 13 bucks in my walet.
13 bucks may not sound like a lot but its over half my budget when I left Oregon
Im only $187 away from a tire:)
I will get there lol
Back to the parking lot I go:)
I do have a lead on a tire, when Im done holding down the parking lot I will check into it:)
I am VERY up front with people to let them know right away what im doing, I want everyone to know exactly what my plan is and my blog before I accept any help..
I have had a number of people stop and after explaining im not destitute or in dyer need they apreciated the honesty and wished me luck:)
I dont have a sign that says "tire needed" but I certailny let everyone know the facts:)

Thank you all:)

GKS, with my gas sign

Cody W. Sevierville TN]
Thanks for the smokes and a cup of coffee:)

Chad M. Sevierville TN 
Thank you for the fill up:))
actually took 2.9 gal fuel, the lowest its ever been!

Karam B. Sevierville TN
Thank you:)

Ronnie O. Sevierville TN
thank you for your support:) 

Jason F. Pigeon Forge TN, 
Thanks for the support:)