Thursday, September 18, 2014

Today was a good day:)

Today was very productive!
First Dustin hooked us up with the tire!

So only one thing left to do rigtht!
Get that thing on there:)
finnished product:)
Great fun!
This was a great project for the day:)
And FYI, he does let me help, I fetch him tools lol
I have not been home for a while and frankly i should have glanced in my refridgerator before leaving..
I will be cleaning for a bit lol..
Chat soon 

GKS Dustin W. Ride Now Powersports Kennewick WA

Dustin of Ride now Powersports hooked us up with a tire  

Dick H!

So you all remember Dick H.
Well He has come a looooong way in the Trike, Still need a front tire, Today im going to see if we can get him hooked up on that:)
Wish me luck!
Chat soon

Home :)

Good Morning :)
I Made it home yesterday Morning Like 4 something AM? 
So after riding all night, a couple beers it was only minutes till I was asleep lol, Slept all day and night crazy!!
I will do a video a bit later with the results of the trip:)

Ok, so check this out!!
Laramie WY, to Hermiston OR in one day, thats 950 ish?? ON a Honda Shadow 750 spirit..
Oh and lets not forget pulling a trailer!
Pretty sure that is some kind of record lol
Today im headed over to check out the progress on Dick's Trike! Will for sure be updating you on the progress, looking foward to going for a ride!!
We will chat soon:)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

S*#T that was COLD!!!

I just crossed the Blue Mountains and Im telling ya, IT WAS COLD!!!
I made it tho!! 
Put 2 bucks in gas to tired to even share lol

Baker City OR..

Well had to pay for my gas:( 
All Good:)
So Hundred miles left to Pendleton, Mountains all the way, sure is cooling off, have all my gear on:) 
Not as fun to ride with it all but still better than driving a car lol..
Ok, Im on it :)
Chat soon

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

GKS Berto R. Ontario OR:):)

Thanks for the top off on fuel and pack of smokes:)

GKS, Karen H. and Dakota L. Mt Home ID

Thanks for the 2 gal of fuel:)

GKS Melissa R. Eden ID

Topped off the tank :):)

GKS, Kimi R. Burley ID

Kimi thank you for the fill up...
Hope to make Mountain home on the next tank:)

GKS Elizabeth O. Snowville UT

Thanks for the top off :):)

GKS Taryn C. Elwood UT

Thanks for the 1.4 gal of gas, im good till Burley ID:):)
Your awesome:):)

GKS Danielle G. Perry UT

Thanks for the 5 bucks in gas:)

GKS Chantel W. Farr West UT

Thanks for dinner Or late lunch lol, 

GKS Cindy T. Evanstan WY

Thanks for the fill up, Can now make it on in to Ogden...
Feeling pretty good about the pace today, Might make Boise after all:):)

GKS, Janet A. Green River WY

Thanks for the top off on fuel, :)

GKS Sheila M Wamsutter WY

Thanks for topping off the tank before heading on into Rock Spings :)

GKS Dawn B. Rawlins WY

Thanks for the fill up at the West End Sinclair:)

GKS Matt W. Laramie WY

Matt got me on the road this morning with a full tank of gas and my morning coffee:)
Thanks Matt!
Im hoping to make Boise tonight wish me luck:)
Next stop is 100 miles, Rawlins WY..
Chat soon
Dang, Im looking a little rugged lol

Monday, September 15, 2014

GKS Antonia R. laramie WY

Thank you for dinner at this late hour:):)

KOA Laramie,WY Brooke R.

I Was very happy to find an available cabin for the evening;)
Brooke called The Manager Linda, and after sharing the Blog information and what I was doing got me checked in ritht away:)
I screen shotted this of thier web site, I have to say that how it felt tho when seen the KOA sign as I was getting off the freeway.. 
The Pass between Cheyenne and Here was Really cold, and was virtually dark as I got off the exit..
I will add a pic of the cabin when the sun comes up:)
after it looks like the bomb went off lol, TIRED:) 
I will take better pics in the morning after I clean up..
afer I cleaned up :)

GKS Rebecca B. Sidney NE

THanks for the topping off of the tank:)

GKS Brenda S. Nebraska

Filled my tank:)

GKS Amber M. Ogallala NE

Thanks for topping off the tank:)

GKS Eileen R Ogallala NE

Thanks for the quick snack:)

GKS Della D. North Platt NE.

Thank you Della for the 2 gal of gas:):) 
Della has hooked me up twice on this adventure, the first time was about 3 months ago..

GKS Mina C. Gothenburg NE.

Thanks for the 3 bucks in gas..

GKS Kim S. Anne S. Andy W. Kearney NE

Thanks for the smokes..:)

GKS, Bobbie S. Kearney NE.

Thanks for full tank and cup of coffee:)

GKS Jessica O. York NE

Thanks for the fill up..]

GKS Brittney G York NE

Thanks for breakfast :) 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

GKS Shane M. York NE

Thanks for Dinner :) Great timing, Done for the night:)

GKS, Niki B. Percival IA

Thank you for the 3 gal of gas 

Stopped for lunch:)

Back on the side of the Country where im more comfortable:)
Just seams simpler the closer to the Northwest I get.. Perhaps its mental lol
The conditions right now are boarderline perfect, other than soon I will be staring into the sun, 
Better than freezing tho:)

GKS, Bailey G. Dearborn MO

Thank you for lunch:):)

GKS, Brad C. Taneisha P Dearborn MO

Thanks for the fill up :)

GKS Casey B. Sweet Spings MO.

Just shooting the shit and Casey reached in his pocket and handed me a 20..
Thank Hero!!
Now I can get thru Wyoming !!

GKS, Nicole M. Sweet Springs MO.

So I continued on my Journey, I stopped about 70 miles out of KC, as you know I was a little concerned about this part, However I ran into Nicole:)
Im good to get all the way past KC now:)
She has no idea how much I apreciate this, But I do VERY much:):)

GKS Amber M. Columbia MO

Thank you for the 1.3 gal of fuel to get me down to one stop before KC:)