Sunday, April 12, 2015

Trike outta here! :)

Finally, its back on the road!!

Sure sounds good, funny what a few changes and parts will do to make an engine run sooooo much better..
After the test ride Dick was pretty happy about the results:)

back together and gone:)

Was really cool to see him ride it home, good day:)

Time for frosty beverage..

Keep the rubber side down and always be safe out there.
Chat soon,

Good morning:)

Dick showed up at 6:45 this morning, 
Getting close!!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

End of day..

Good news, its together!!
The plan tormorrow will be to get the outside stuff, oil cooler, intake, and all the tins put on.
If lucky will have it running and installed by afternoon:)

Trike progress..

So today the plan is to get the engine all back together..
Have a ways to go!
still going lol

Been a while, Lots happening:)

Hello everyone, Sorry so long, I will do my best to bring up to speed :)

So it was very exciting to get the trike on the Road!

The weather finally broke and 70 was the forcast, tomorrow getting up early and hitting the road:)

The next morning.
Still a little brisk in the morning, 
So great conversation and taking our time getting out...

Also important to remember we are all getting older so take a little longer to get ready lol

So not its warmed up a bit, time to get on the gear
Nothing like team work:)

And it goes both ways lol

Them zippers can be a little tricky when they are so close to the ground
So now we are ready to hit the road, a quick group selfie:)

Headed down the hill into Pendleton, the trike started dumping oil, 
fortunately we were stopping for food anyways,
UNFORTUNATLY, it died when Dick came to a stop..
Thank goodness for towing lol
Time to make that call.

While they all waited to the tow truck I headed back to clear out space in the shop, soon after they arrived.
It has had a couple fantom oil leaks, And decided to pull the motor, get them handled once and for all.

it actuallys comes apart fairly quickly thank goodness:)

So after hours of deliberation it was decided to completly rebuild the motor.

Never having done that I was actually very much looking forward to it:)

Tear down.

clean up
Parts have finally arrived, 
its been apart now for almost two weeks..

Today is the day it actually starts going back together!!!!

I will update the rest today....

So for now keep the Rubber side down and always be safe out there:)
Chat soon