Friday, June 26, 2015

Changing Times :)

Hello All, 
As you know I have been busy with a bit of a a project, finding time to hit the road is not current reality, however I have discoved the water is very similar in many pasionate ways as riding..
Hanging out at the Marina I have met and got to know know some old aquintences and some new as well.
Its interesting to listen as others share expeiences on the water, coming back ater dark or getting caught in Lightning storms.. OH and bugs are a challenge in the Marina, just in a differnt way as a bike lol
Its very exciting to learn a new arena in which people are equally as pasionate:)

All fellow riders, 
Keep the rubber Side down and always be safe out there:)


Monday, June 15, 2015

Just a quick update...

Hello everyone, 
I knew the day would be coming when The other project I have been working on for some time now would become reality..
Well its has happen:)

I will share the results a little later:)

This next pic is very sad so be prepared...
These have not been riden more than 100 miles in about a month..
I know Right!!

I will be back to a normal schedule soon, looking very much forward to getting back into some riding:)

Hope you are all having a great summer:)

Keep the rubber side down and always be safe out there.
Chat soon.