Monday, May 30, 2016

5.30 Monday, entire day:)

Well today was a cool day)
I know the Video is a little long, however it covers the entire day:)
its now only minutes away from being 11pm, im beat, see ya in the morning:)


Good Monday morning:)

Good Monday morning all:)
This video is actually from Sunday, I went ahead and removed the plug from the mold, worked out great..
Played around a little with time lapse images.. Will do my best to add the option to view:) this video contains two clips, each about 30 seconds...

Made this quick little vid of Dick's Trike... good time:)

Have a wonderful Morning, 
Be save out there:)
chat soon! 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

5.25 end of day

I did not like the last two clips so left them off...
Long day..:)

oops, my bad, I somehow spliced the morning clip in with the end of day.. now it is all one...

5.25 Good morning

Good Morning:)
Looking forward to having the mold completed today!!

Just waiting for resin, should be here soon:)

Monday, May 23, 2016

5.23 Monday:)

Good Monday Morning:)

Little Bit is always so helpful lol
If I could only teach her to edit:)

I forgot the take the final measurement..

After Lunch)

Good times:)

Saturday, May 21, 2016

5.21 :), Ouch!!

Good morning:)
Amazing day!!

Tried to put the power screwdriver thru my thumb!
Could have been worse:)

Thursday, May 19, 2016

New aproach

5.19 legs :)

Good morning all, 

This should be the last day working on the mold, will be moving on to the lid tomorrow:)

Looking forward to completion, ready to go ride!

Chat soon 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

5.18 more fiberglass lol

Shesh, long day of fiberglassing, just got cleaned up...
So here is where it stands, pretty much ready to add some legs to the mold, have added all layers needed and will be adding the legs, tomorrow:)
Perhaps "handles" would be better said than legs....
None the less thats the plan for tomorrow..

Chat tomorrow,

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

5.17 Fiberglass !!

Hello all !!
Today has been the day to finally get the fiberglass started:)
Have been looking forward to this day for a while lol

Tools and ready to go!

Corners first ! 

Thansformed bike table into fiberglass table 

Im getting on it! 
Chat soon

Sunday, May 15, 2016

5.15 Fiberglass and Coffee with Dick

Good morning all:)
Today will be a productive day, Will be getting the fiberglass on today!!
Its about time right...
Dick is stopping by for coffee, always look forward to his company.
Now that the trike has the bugs worked out of it we will be doing some riding also lol

Update after coffee :)
Chat soon

Saturday, May 14, 2016

5.14 Gelcoat:)

Hello all,
I was on it pretty early this morning, doing my best to beat the rain... 
The gel coat is all looking pretty good, not quite as thick as I was hoping but I think it will work out great:)

This is the result as of 5 min ago:)
Cleaning the shop then will get some fiberglass layed up, prolly only the first layer this evening..
Will follow up with it in morning.

Have an awesome remainder of the day, 

Well im set for the fiberglass step! 
A helper would be handy for this part lol

I know what im missing? 
A Brewski:)

Thats better lol

Chat soon!

Friday, May 13, 2016

5.13 PVA and Gelcoat

Well here we go!
PVA and Gelcoat today:)
The weather will be a little warm however Im getting on it early to beat the heat lol

I will be letting you know how it goes:)

Oh, and for simplicity I will just be posting one post every day, then adding to it rather than creating a new post:)

Well i think it turned out pretty good!
Will be gel coating this evening, may have to go for a ride while this stuff dries:)

This run is not supposed to be there... Dang it.
Hopefully its an easy fix

So I ended up removing the entire coating, sprayed again and guess what... It ran again in the same spot... Grrrrr...
Third time is a charm, it has turned out wonderful...
This evening I will hopefully be adding the gel coat... Tomorrow will be fiberglass :)

Remember when I mentioned the rubberband being a handy little item lol
It really does work!
Incase your wondering, still waiting for the Pva to cure, still looks really good!!

5.13 Carl H.

Hello all, 
Still waiting for the Pva to cure before Gel coating... 
My buddy Carl stopped  by on his 2016 Harley (Nice bike Carl)
This guy puts on lots of miles..
It was fun making some adjustments on the new bike before he is thousands of miles down the road lol
Great fun !! 

Thursday, May 12, 2016

The plan:)

Good morning all you fellow riders:)
I have said a couple of times that "Its Time" well it actually is lol!
So real quick
My past has been in Automotive and RV Management, very demanding on the scedule, long hours and very little free time, was only able  to average about 20k miles on a bike..

I have choose to be me:)
Motorcycle riding, gun packing, beer drinking, cigarette smoking adventure seeking MF.

Dont get me wrong, still did all the above, Bike has always been primary mode of transportation, lcp in my pocket and beer after work:) lol

Who I am has not changed, what I do has:)

Took this pic a few months ago and kinda chuckled, didnt figure on ever posting it however its time to go for it:)

Now that we understand each other :)

The Project:
MC Trailer
The wood box below is the begining of what will be a fiberglass lite weight trailer.
The process begins with building a "plug"
The plug is an exact copy of what you want the end result to look like.
Many ways to build the plug, I just choose wood and body filler.
We will see how it turns out:)

Have added the top lip:)

Will have rounded corners also, btw, hard ass work lol

So now that the box is built, it has to be perfectly flat, so putting on skim layer of body filler:)

Ok, you get the idea lol

So this is closer to the look

Now a shinny finish is the next goal, free of blemishes:)

Im pretty much done in my opinion, however im thinking a test corner is next... Just to verify its going to be free of any blemishes:)

This is the corner im thinking
Masking off the corner, this has been hand waxed 10 times, 
Not sure if you have ever hand waxed but its hard ass work, I usually carry a 45 on my hip and 380 in my pocket, however after the sanding and waxing over the last couple months I now pack 2 more guns lol
Thats some funny stuff lol
Anyways back to the box lol

Have the corner masked off ;)
Im just using some yellow as the test, will be black when done:)
Went on great!!! 
Adding couple layers of fiberglass, figure will be good practice, remember, I have never done anything like this before lol
Watched EVERY you tube video, hundreds of hours watching them, not sure why I even have netflix lol
Built a table to hold the fiberglass

There it is :)

It was GREAT practice:)!!!
Have to wait till next day to know if worked? Beer time lol
Worked out awesome!!

So I got some overspray on the rest of box, so get to start all over on the hand waxing, I look at it as an opportunity to improve them guns lol

I have quickly built a chart to remember how many layers of wax.. 
That took all day!!!

But this is the result:)

Dang sexy!!

Well this has been my world fellow riders, couple more weeks and look forward to having on the road:)

So on to riding news, I finally got in my first day of riding!! Did right at 500 miles, what a wonderful relaxing day, left my phone in the saddle bag, refused to look at it all day lol
This pic is my ugly mug after lol
Yes the hair has become a challenge, hits me in the eyes when riding, figured out a rubber band is a handy little invention:)

Be safe out there and we will chat soon:)