Friday, July 29, 2016


Well Made it home:)
No matter the adventure, near or far, its always nice to be home:)
Will be 106 here today, was 100 when I pulled into the driveway.
Little bit was pretty excited as you can imagine:)

So have been hard at it already, been downloading Videos, will be adding a few soon..
Look forward to getting some Mod's done on the trailer and get back out and give it a test.. 
Oh and for sure will be local lol 

Ok, Getting back on the day,
This is one of the Vid's Riding in the rain :)

Be Safe 
Chat soon 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

1007 miles to home..

I'm sitting here thinking could put the fourth one under my belt...
Although ace never actually set out to do a thousand in a day, have done it three times but again. Never have set out to in departure..
Waiting for coffe water and put some moe thought into it:)
Actually all packed up other than the coffee items.. 


I will let ya know :) 

Chat soon 
Btw.. I know I spelled coffee incorrectly and the punctuation is horrible but I'm doing this on my phone so it's a pain in the ass :-)


Good Morning
Sorry for delay, Its a a lengthy process to post, sheesh...
Have lots to process lol
Just a quick couple from yesterday, will set down soon and get the rest:)
Been In Storms for two days and could not help observing the sky lol
I actually stopped in this vid to adjust the cam..
Was hoping it was aiming higher..

Then this one is looking thru my very dirty windshield going up Monarch Pass headed west.

Chat soon Ken:)

Monday, July 25, 2016

Fun fun

Good morning, 
Remember i mentioned heading to Wichitah this morning?
Will be Fun Fun!! And adventure lol
Chat soon 

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Joplin MO

The Heat has brought me to a screeching halt!! 
Dang, have made it to Joplin MO.
Tomorrow heading into Witchitah to drop the fold up tent been packing on the rack... Just not ideal for what I had in mind..
I did pack an additional tent so no biggie..
Im set up at the KOA in Joplin and immediatley hit the shower.. It was important to get cooled off a bit!
Now I feel much better:)

So Like I say, first thing in the morning hitting the road early, plan on being at Cabela's when they open at 9, sure glad I made this purchase threw them... The customer service is top shelf!
Well, as you can see still need to set up for the night and get something to eat:)
Chat soon, 

Back to Missouri

good morning everybody,
Crossed the Ohio and Missisippi headed back:)
So I just now looked at the Video... It sucks!! Wasnt at the correct angle sorry..
 Actually have to cut through just a very small corner of Illinois like 100 yards, where the gun laws are STUPID!! Yes STUPID!! soon as I cross that bridge I pulled over and put my gun back we're it's supposed to be!

Chat soon

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Done for the day

I've been perplexed about the model of this trailer since the day I left, I finally figured it out today!
Looking forward to getting back and fixing what's been bugging me this entire trip the beautiful thing is it's a really simple fix however it's a major fix it get to see it right away when I get back :-)
Just pulled in my favorite camping spot by the way are one of my many favorite camping spots LOL

On the road early!!

I knew is going to be hot today so I got on the road early I took this picture at 8:30 and I had already been on the road a long time

I'm currently sitting at my fav rest stop in Paducah KY

The heat index is 109

So you can imagine I was in search of some shade, hydrating as well... 
The sweat was pouring so when I wiped my face, at that point I realized the sun screen had found its way to my eye..
Dang, not a good time lol
It may sound as tho I'm whining, I'm not, it's all part of the adventure:):)

Be safe out there, 
Chat soon

Friday, July 22, 2016

Catching up on some Vid's

Finally got the data in line, figured post a couple vids:)

Nice little spot to post:)
And no thats not coffee in that cup lol

Crossing the Ohio and Mississippi River

Prior to Gunnison CO

Still going to Gunnison lol

Be safe out there all:)
Chat soon

Party at my camp

Good morning all,
So the raccoons had a party last night, sheesh!

Destroyed the lid on the foam coolers, dont normally use foam coolers but were very inexpensive and knew I would not be able to pack them when I leave(no room)
I guess the timing was good cause im bout ready to get back on the road.
They even got the almonds the Kenny hooked me up with, dang.. They were good!
Anyways, its all in the dumpster now:/

Thursday, July 21, 2016

This is the goal first day

Hello all, 
Have put some thought into the return route.. So far I have only got the first day figured out lol
This is what im thinking
Its actually just over 500 miles, but have to say not riding at night puts some limitations on the distance  in a day... 
500 is about max..
Now that may sound a little wimpy, I get it right.. Have gone 1000 in a day a number of times, well 3 to be exact lol
If you recall did 950 pulling a trailer with a 750 shadow pulling a trailer in 2014 and 800 more times then I can count..
However, not wanting to ride at night has slowed me down a bit..
Will be a leasurely ride back:)
Im sure it will all kinda evolve after that first day.

Going for now, 
Chat soon 

Getting ready to go

So today was mostly spent getting somewhat organized..
Took the bike for a couple quick rides just to make sure there were no suprises..
I feel confident its all back to good:)
My neibor took me back out for a quik fishing adventure!

Had the Go Pro mounted but pushed the wrong button for video... Opps

We did take some Video's but dont want to give away his secret fishing holes:)

Did not know female bass are the big ones so always lookin for the big fatty's 
This time I gave it a whirl and hooked a little one.. I have to admit I actually thought I was hung up rather than hooked onto a fish lol

Thank you Kenny for the awesome experience:)

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Condensed camp

So today was... Well... Prolly goes without saying it was very hot lol 
Road the bike  today and feel comfortable its good to go.. 
Tomorrow will finish putting it together.
Have not installed any of the tank or seat bolts, just incase.. Will also be washing the poor thing, looks like it has gone across the US.. 
Just finished up condensing camp, making sure have not aquired any additional "stuff" 
Did not leave much room for aquiring items along the way lol
This was moments ago

Time for a beverage and look forward to the sun going away so it will cool down a bit:)

Feel fortunate to have found such a nice place to spend some time and will certainly be coming back to visit and do some fishing:)

Have a wonderful evening, 
Chat soon 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Good news!!

Hello all,
Today is the day to get the bike figured out, started my day calling every bike dealer around looking for the hose...
Turns out its a week out..
Not acceptable...
As I was making the calls one of the neibors here in the park said I could prolly find something similar at a parts store.. I was not ready to do that till after the reallity of not being able to get a stock part..
Well guess what lol
The parts store was quickly becoming the only option..
This is what I was able to locate:)

The 90 degree bend was obviously the biggest concern and It looks like I can make it work!!

You can see its a bit of a project..

Naturally hands the size of a 6 yr old would be handy cause there's not much room where it needs to go..
Wish I had a shoe horn as well.. Sheesh!
After sweating profusely in the 93 temp and may as well been a hose running 

Its been put back together enough just to cylce the thermostate and cooling fan.. 
So far seems to be working great:)
Tomorrow the plan is to ride long enough to verify its all good..

On to something really cool!

Have become aquainted with the people in the next camp site, very good people..
He invited me to go out Bass fishing, he goes at night to avoid the heat, what great fun!!
This was a 7and 3/4 pound he caught

Thanks Jim! Great time!!

Well going for now, 
Chat soon 

Monday, July 18, 2016


So it was so hot and miserable and then start dumping rain :-)
Took refuge under my neighbors awning
It don't rain like this back home, it's very cool, however it did make a bit of a mess
The neighbors are natives of the area and informed me that when the sun comes out, it will be way hotter than when it started raining due to the humidity…
So I'm going to enjoy the cool for a moment at least :-)

Chat soon, 

Its is so freaking hot...

I know I keep saying its hot, well because it is!!
Last night, well at 1:50 am this morniing its just unbearable... 
I snapped this pic of the weather.
Understand it was only 73 out, but keep in mind was close to 100 earlier and look at the humidity 95% and actually moments later went to 96%
I do have a little fan, it makes a huge diff, however still feels like sleepimg in in a hot wet sleeping bag..

A current pic out my door lol

As far as my part goes, there are several with in a distance Im comfortable with, I have called every one of them today.. Unfortunatly all closed on Monday..
So in the morning I will be securing the front coolant hose, sure hope to find someone with it in stock.
Not likely tho, its very specific to the bike..
In the mean time, I will be doing some relaxing..
I have to say after being stuck in the garage for so long was looking forward to some relaxation, and now that I have done so looking forward to getting back in the groove of making some stuff happen:)

Going for now, 
Be safe out there!
Chat soon,

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Found the leak:)

Good news!!
I have found the leak, I was hoping the hose just needed a little tightening..
Turns out the hose had worn thru in a little tiny spot..
Found a dealer in Chattanooga that was closed however answered the phone..
Will not be able to process till tuesday but felt confident would have the hose in by Thursday:)
So in the mean time bike is setting here tore apart lol

I will be putting it back together with the bad hose, obviously wont be going far lol, but can go short distance for beer and ice... I mean food and ice:)

Hope all enjoying the wonderful riding season, 
Have a glorious day and keep the rubber side down.
Chat soon 


Friday, July 15, 2016

Oh, it's also laundry day:)

Was getting time to do some laundry:)


Hello all,
What an adventure lol
I have had a challenge or two along the way, no doubt.. However what a great adventure..
Flat tire in the middle of nowhere..
Actually between Price UT and Grand Juction Co.... 73 miles from Grand Juction to be exact..
I just happen to pull into a little gas station that hooked me up with gas when I did the coast to coast on 20 bucks back in 2014.. 
I have done my best to stop at the same locations, Its amazing that everyone remembers it lol
None that less my choosing to do so put me in a very remote location when I discovered the tire..
Fortunatly they had green slime on the shelf.. It allowed me to make it into Grande Juction where I replaced both tires. Now I have a spare:)
About 20 miles prior to Grande Juction I notice this.

The weld holding the light and turn signal had broke, you can see its just hanging by the wires.
Please keep in mind, its REALLY hot and NO shade out on the freeway!
My initial reaction was to keep going because remember i have a tire going flat on the trailer..
but after a few seconds started thinking of the consequenses? Wire could rub threw and create a short  when using the blinker..
So imediately pulled over and fixed it with the only means available at the time.. 
My thought was hose clamp or zip tie, niether would work so this is what i used lol

Looks pretty good right lol
Hey!! It got me back on the road:)
So I continued on the journey..
Knowing the importance of checking fluids I noticed I had lost a little coolant?
Could not see any sign of leaks, just added a little, however I kept a really close eye on it..
Then as luck would have it..
The loss of coolant reared its head in Paducah KY..
My initial belief was a hose right in front of the water pump.. So after a very HOT tightening at the gas station and an additional 30 miles realized the problem was elsewhere..
At this point I had options.. However the only one in my opinion was to dig into the thing, again VERY HOT, no shade in a truck stop parking lot lol
After removing the tank, the culprit was Identified.. Hose clamp going to the head under the frame...
Naturally, every shady character hanging out at the truck stop decided to come by giving there opinion..
Never turning my back and always keeping the bike between myself and them, they finally got the hint going away was the best choice..
After getting the clamp replace I continued...
For about a tank of gas it looked as tho the challenge was solved..
However, this morning I discovered it was not.
Im confident the problem is the clamp... So guess what im doing today lol
Yes the hose clamp.. 
Wish I had brought more tools... Actually had to purchase a few tools to get it done.. 
Wish me luck lol
One cool thing about it, I have found Tennesse state parks are very inexpensive and have power and showers.. Pretty excited about that..
The drawback is had to pay for several days in advance to assure I would not be with out a space incase this takes a little time to figure out..
Will be nice to get some of the video's saved so I can actually post them:)
Oh and to get every thing dried out.. Omg.. So so much rain... 
I have every thing dug out to dry lol

I should also say I have met some awesome people along the way, thank you for the wonderful imput on the trailer:)

Im going for now, 
Chat soon 

Thursday, July 14, 2016


So the little red dot is right where im at,makes wish i had thought the location out a more...
Not sure what all has blown away, i almost have lol

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Kansas is soooooo flat

Hello all:)
Kansas well the western side anyway is so flat, I really enjoy it... Then the transition whitch I didnt get a pic of is absolutley breathaking..
Stopped at a rest aria and snapped a quick selfie:)
It was freaking HOT lol

I have tons of other data, will be transfering on laptop tomorrow so I can get it on here...
Omg.. So much road construction!! 

Im currently in Mountain Bluff Missouri...
All settled in for the night:)

In case you havent figured it out.... YES, headed to the Atlantic with the trailer lol

Chat soon,

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


If you have to ask you would not understand is applicable..

Be safe 
Chat soon 

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Rain, rain and more rain!!!

Hello all, 
So woke around 7 this morning to a complete down pour.. It was not going to let up so I said heck with it, packed up and hit the road..
Figured would ride out of it eventually.. certainly did.. About 50 miles before Ogden.. WoW
Not sure how familiar you are with the winds out across the desert? Fierce is the best way to sum it up.
Glad I was not headed west, passed lots of bikes heading west and none of them had a smile lol

Was really anticipating some video's today, howver the wind and rain kept me focused on only one thing.
Keeping the rubber side down! Lol
Was still a very good day:)

Currently at the 24 hour Walmart in Price UT, the rain had stopped but still a little gust from time to tome..
Dont think anything will keep me from getting a good nights sleep.. Im exhausted..

My home for the everning ;)

Be safe out there, 
Chat soon 

Saturday, July 9, 2016

On the road finally !!

I know right!
Well the good news is its done, its not exactly what im going for, however its the first one:)
Anyways, I am going for a little ride..
Crossing the Blue Mountains got dumped on, timed an over pass perfext for getting the rain gear on. Sheesh.

Then on to Baker where decided to do a once over, good thing, the lug nuts were in need of some attention.. 
And the frame holding on the lid will need to be tighted periodically till it compresses the sealer..
Guessing every time i stop for gas, it only takes a moment to check them:)

So decided to camp out at the Walmart in Ontario, have done so many times traveling with the RV, never on a bike tho.. 
This is the set up:)