Thursday, August 25, 2016

The rest of the Coast

Sorry bout the delay,
The last 3 days of the coast trip was kinda busy busy, 
Thursday morning we had planned on Fort Stevens for cold beers and a really cool place to camp...  The really cool thing is the "Beach Road" where you can actually ride the beach..That didnt work out...
Started the day with Coffee and an update on the blog
We really did not have that far to go, we did know the traffic was going to hold us up but should be a fairly simple ride:)
 Imediatley packed to get on the road..
Not long till headed out of the park, might I also add it was a little chilly:)
The coast air is heavy and wet, feels like it cuts right thru your jacket.

We did make a couple stops, 
This was Depot bay so while Dick exchanged a sweatshirt for a larger size ran across the street and snapped overlooking the whale watching...
The fog had not yet burned off, so could not see out far.
Was not there long..

Ok, one more stop for my buddy Dick to get a cup of coffee lol

Anyways, we know getting to Fort Stevens late is a really bad idea, however we did not have far to go and felt comfortable making a few additonal stops.
One was the Tillimook cheeze factory.. However Riding by the Air museum it was tuff..

None the less 
Tillimook Cheeze factory!

SOOOOOO many people!!!
Now I was really looking forward to it, however.... Im a huge germafobe do not deal well with having to be so close to soooooooo many people... Wasnt there long:)
Dont get me wrong, the place is amazing, thus so many people..
Next time will be off season:)

At this point its no more messin around, its getting important to get to our camping site..
so off we go!

Traffic was backed up for miles going into Seaside, slow slow, but its all good... Not much longer to go

Now when we got to Fort Stevens and the entrance said "Park Full" I failed to stop and snap a pic...
The reason being, immediatly went across the street to KOA.. Same story, Park Full
then luckily found the last spot for LONG ways...

Yep, we are camped under the sign, and yes the road is 2 feet from the vegitation.
We were thrilled to get it:)

Actually as the sun went down another rider had stopped, we offered to share the spot, he was very greatful.
Our spot was pretty small but when your tired, just looking for a place to be done.
I understood completely how he was feeling, have found myself in the same situation more time than wish to recall.

Friday morning there was no messin around, we were looking to beat the heat...

Packing up was quick and we hit the road!!

Dick leading the way to Astoria for a quick gas stop.
The bridge you see in the distance actually crosses to Washington, we will be taking the next bridge however..

Dick leading the way

The best route we figured is crossing at Vancouver, its a monster as well..

Here we go!!

Yep, there is Dick.. 
We were only bout 10 min from I-5, we pretty much had decided to stay on 5 till Camas,

Once we left the coast the temps quickly began to rise, we stopped at a rest area, bout 5 miles from the Camas exit.. Will be nice to get back off the interstate..

Thats better:)
Dick leading the way up the Washington side of Columbia..

Its truely a scenic ride:) 

We have arived at Bridge of the Gods, we could have actually continued on the Washington side, however we wanted to stop at  Multnomah Falls.. So crossed over.. 

Bridge of the Gods is a grated bridge, not joking when I say its a little intimidating!

Wow, glad to be over it:)
Now we are on old hwy 30, the scenic route along I-84, not much roon for error.

Should have know, the traffic was virtually stopped... Had to get creative in order to stop.

Thank goodness we found a No Parking sign, worked great for a few minutes:)

So now its time to get the heck out of here, Dick was haulin ass, 

Didnt take long to catch up lol,
The trike has no range, glad he picked up the can after running out in Prineville a few days ago:)

Ok, get rid of the yellow spout, I have Never been able to figure the stupid things out!!

Once back on the road he was off again, that little thing moves!!

this pic looks kinda wierd but there is a reason, this park has very little shade, we have a sprinkler running right over the hill.
Once in a while it penetrates the tree and hits us unexpectedly..

This is looking all cool and then the water hit in the very next slide

Im like What the F%#& and Dick is like whoooo
The spinkler went a long way tward cooling off, we were thankful the Park Ranger let us move it:)

Saturday Morning was another no messin around day, only 100 plus miles for me, but the temps will be close to 100.
Dick leading the way:)

Sometimes I forget how wonderful the Northwest is, The Columbia gorge is incredible.

I had taken many pics of this train, finally caught up to it:)

Then back home:)

I dropped the trialer at home and escorted Dick halfway to his destination:)

Had a little fun with out the trailer!! Felt like a sportbike!!
I know the quality sucks, this was my phone thru a dirty windscreen. 

Turned around at Deadmans pass, Coming up the hill out of Pendleton this putz pulls out in front of me to pass a truck..
Not sure why people do that, he could have easily let me by..

It is what it is:)

Anyways, Spent a couple days at home, changed out the tires on the trailer, redid the packing, and set off for another camp...
Spent the last few days up at Emigrant park, organized some thoughts..
Oh, figured out a way to keep the racoons out of the cooler!!
Fits perfectly under my exhaust:)

So Tell me something, 
Everywhere you go people say cigarettes cause forrest fires?? 
Well I struggle with that...
I tried to get a fire going with one... Didnt work

Dont get me wrong, I prolly could have worked on it longer:)

Well enough..

Keep the rubber side down, 
chat soon

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Newport Or

Good morning all:)
Yesterday was predictable, we knew once we got to the coast it would be a little chilly lol
Great day tho!!
Pulling out of Detriot lake State Park, notice the lack of  wood piled on the back of the trailer?
My buddy Dick gets up early, he likes his fire and have to say its awesome getting up and it already fired up:)
Leaving the park

The Dam holding back all the water for Detriot lake, it really is a nice ride down thru here:)

Going after this ride with a little diff concept, typically I enjoy lots of miles, however have had an amazing time these last several days averaging just less prolly 200..
We stop every 30 miles or so, just happen to be a rest area about that.. Here comes Dick lol

Noticed the trailer tire not doing so good, one nice thing about a town every 30 miles, never have more than 15 miles to get a new one, so going to see just how far it will go.
Im guessing I could go that far with it being totally flat..
Normally I would have already replace it, but it is all part ot the adventure, will be inspecting it every time we stop:)

Speaking of stopping, this has been a very common scene lol
Got lucky this particular time and went strait thru, but have done some waiting at most of them..
All fun stuff:)
We are actually headed thru Albany on the way to coast, that plan will be to stop at Walmart

And did not take long to find it lol, 
After a "quick" stop we were back on the road

We were slowed soon with a line of vintage cars rolling down the Hwy,
Must have been 10 of them or so, im sure they had then to the floor however did not take long to build up a line of traffic.
I will have to say they were very good at letting everyone pass... Thank you

There were a bunch of them, oh and there is Dick back there..
Good times!:)

We made one more quick stop at the Eddyville post office, it was time to put on a little more gear.
I understand it looks all nice and warm, but the shade is freezing..
Well feels like it anyways:)

Wasnt long after that and were as far West as we could go... Well on a bike:)
crossed the Newport bridge, our Park for the evening is Ocean beach State Park, 
And with all the people here we were very happy they had a few spaces available..

Dick coming this far was kind of an after thought, so there were some things he is still getting dialed in..
Shortage of room is a challenge, he is setting up shelter, now at this point I have enjoyed a few beers so he is providing the entertainment lol
See the perplexed look..

He has it figured out!!! 

I finally got out of his way and it turned out alright, actually took this pic this morning, was lucky to get it tho, he is on a mission to get that trike packed back up..

Camp in general worked out great:)
Yes thats me being sooooooo close to done with the day

Good morning, 
This was my first order of business.. Coffee!!
While I have been typing Dick is completly packed and ready
Got stuff to do
Chat soon 
Ken :)