Friday, September 30, 2016


The view this moring out the window...
Holy crap.. Its still dumping rain!!
I have to go down and check this out in person..

Yep, its pouring..
Its not possible to take a pic of rain so a person can actually see how hard its coming down, the pic does NOT reflect what its like...


So the rain started Dumping!!
Pulled off the freeway as the rain started pouring!
Everything happens for a reason, no doubt.
The Comort in was right there off the exit and must have had a halo above it because felt like a blessing when Nicole came smiling up to the counter:)
These two have the most awesome personalities and it reflex in the great service:)

The timing was perfect, meatball subs in the lounge and it was happy hour!
Cant thank you enough for the wonderful hospitality:) 

Awesome room!

Thank you.

Would like to extend a thank you to the Lyman KOA in Wyoming.
Travel tru there lots and will for sure be Stopping in:)

Thank you for your support:)

Last fuel stop of the day.

Fuel stop in Fishkill NY
Great attitudes:)
Always good to see someone enjoying their day..

Thanks guys :)

New friends Dale and Sherry. New pics!

Getting ready to leave the Pilot and bump into Dale and Sherry, 
Turns out they are headed to Florida and taking "Virtually" the same route as I.
However, Dale has very carefully planned their route to avoid traffic!
Im in!
We took 209 South along the Delaware river, NO COMMERCIAL TRAFFIC ALLOWED.

When riding with someone new a person has a tendency to be cautious and observe, did not take long to figure out Dale knows what he is doing!

They had been on the road a 100 miles or so before we met up, and we continued another 250 or so into Allentown PA.

Great fun!

Its nice to see people that love to ride, 
Dale and Sherry sent some new pics:)

One of thier stops headed back to Florida.

This is Dale on Route 26 

Sitting on his buddys steps in Apopka Fl.

Great Pic!!
Says it all!
Relief after long day of riding and have to say that beer looks pretty dang good Hero!!
Glad you guys have made it home safely..

Now what about Hurricane Mathew??
Still dragging my feet here on the Tennessee Georgia border lol

Hope to see you soon!

Morning fuel !

Good news!
Topped off the tank, I feel horrible cause I forgot what town I was in..
Very nice people at this location so please send me a note, I will up date the photo.
And feeling pretty good!
It is a little chilly tho...

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Todays plan:)

Well here is what im thinking...
Im NOT going to RI. Or Delaware!!

I know I know, its only 64 miles out of the way, and a couple hours..

But here is the challenge, 
I already feel like im sitting in a movie theater!
For those that know me im just saying im ready to get so some less populated region..

Im actually going to head inland a bit.
So then Delaware is out..

I can always come back lol... Maybe...:)

Anyways, Im ready to head South.. Thats what im doing..

Chat soon

Breakfast and update

Good morning all:)
This has become part of my Morning routine, 
Coffee, breakfast and update the Blog:)
Duncan donuts has been the stop for the last several updates.

Thank you Lucy for breakfast:)


So I wasnt thinking food, I was mainly thinking getting warm, But soon I was thinking food!
And OMG.. 
Kyle at B.T.'s Smokehouse hooked me up..
It was AMAZING!!
Just walking in the door you instantly know the food is awesome, the atmosphere is off the chart!
For sure the kind of place worth going to check out!

Thank you Kyle:)

This will be going on my bike!

Home for the evening:)

It was dark and dang cold when I arrived, was happy to be staying in a cabin:)
Again, being this far away from home especially with the exposure of being on a bike, its nice to feel like your at home:)

The staff at Yogi Bear's was awesome at getting me settled in:)

Thank you :)

The cabins make life soooooo much easier, not tent to deal with!! Very cool!

Thanks again guys:)

Where to stay?

So after lunch, It time to figure out how much farther to go.
Its 2 ish in the after noon so I get on the phone..
When googling camp grounds I was happy to see a Jellystone about 3 hours down the road..

Gave them a call shared with them what I was doing and Jim said come on down:) 

When your this far away from home, its nice to know there is comfort and relaxation only 3 hours away.
I hit the road!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Lunch before entering turnpike..

As you may have guessed, not a fan of the turnpike..
Figured on a little lunch first.. Was in the mood for Mexican:)

Good stuff:)

Fuel before entering the turnpike.

Time for gas rigtht before I get on the "Turnpike".
The people off the turnpike are niceer:)

Thank you Ashley for topping off the tank :)

Next destination

Well getting back on the road... This is the plan, should be next couple days..
Then down to Key Largo...
Chat soon.

Breakfast and blog

Breakfast and catching up on the Blog.
Finally up to date..
Sorry bout the delay, yesterday was a tuff day mentally..

Thanks for breakfast Wade.

Fred V.. Update!

This Some B. Is the real deal, 
We pulled in the park at the same time and IMMEDIATELY hit it off, ruff and gruff on the outside but genuinly a wonderful person..
Fred It was awesome getting to share some adventures and look forward to doing it again.
Be safe Brother..
Catch up with you down the road..

Great pic in Eastport Fred!!
Keep them coming along your trip!

Thanks for the update Fred!!
Chrohala skyway Fred says its "The Bomb" !!

Top of the Dragon!
Glad your having an amazing Ride Fred!
We will catch up again:)

Keep the pics coming Hero:)
Chat soon 


I ended up purchasing my own beer however Brian hooked me up with the soda to go along with the pizza:)

Thanks Brian:)


Naturally Beer and dinner is on the list..
Got lucky, "Pats Pizza" was right down the street so Ember and The boss hooked me up with a Hawian Pizza:)

Thank you, it was awesome:)

Now time for beer and soda..

Done for day.

After such a mentally exhausting day, I was just done!
So time for home.
The local KOA that is:)

Chris and Sally saved me a nice site and was happy to just unwind a bit..
Thanks guys:)


Now the challenge is getting them home..
UPS from Bangor to Oregon is 92 bucks..
Well that clearly is beyond my budget.

Was referred to Van Raymonds Outfitters in Brewer ME (Bangor)
Where I spoke with Van.
Shared with him the situation and he was happy to get them sent back to my local FFl dealer.

Thank you Van, 
Cant express how much I apreciate what you have done.

Not right!

I dont like being denied my second amendment right!
The state of Mass. Is non forgiving on their gun laws.
Federally we are protected to travel thru each state so long as we dont stay.
However what if something breaks? Flat tire or some other reason I may have to stay over night?
Now Its against the law.....

So sending my Guns home... Grrrr.....

Thank you for packaging them Gale:)


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Rain and gas:)

Gas is always first on the list of the day..
And have to say it is POURING rain this morning

Thank you Tamika :)

Time for next corner.

Hello again, 
Took this pic overlooking Canada as the sun was coming up..
Glad I decided to stay over in Eastport.
It took long time to get here, if I recall its been =- 5600 miles on my odometer since leaving home in Eastern Oregon.
Long journey it was to get here!

Will be headed to Knoxville next to catch up with the person I bumped into a couple years ago.
Look forward to that meeting going well:)

The weather over the next several days will be less than desireable for riding, however it could be worse :)
Would rather ride in the rain than sit on the couch lol

I suppose my rain gear will be happy to see the light for a change.
I had been so fortunate on this entire Northern route, at least now Im headed south:)

Looking forward to seeing the little blue dot move south lol

Motel East, Eastport ME.

Good morning:)
Sleeping away I heard the the sound of Diesel engines running, turns out it was the guys loading thier lobster boat.

What a cool sound to wake up to..
This hotel is right on the water, and fully stocked kitchenette, well no food lol
Will be returning to here again, could spend a few days checking out this area:)

Should have taken this pic yesterday when all the flags were flying!
Wonderful hotel!
Thanks guys:)


Monday, September 26, 2016

The Happy Crab:)

They say this is the place to go... And how could it not be! 
Its called the "Happy" crab :)

Nicole recomended the Seafood Chowder..

OMG it is amazing!
The pic does NOT do it justice..
Truely awesome!!

Thank you 
Ruby and Nicole :)

Ran into some other travelers enjoying their own Journey's in life, It was a wonderful wonderful lunch:)
Thank you :)


Guess where I made it too??


Wonderful people!!

Im thinking time to get something to eat.. Hmmmmm??
Seafood, for sure:)