Monday, October 31, 2016

Picked up the bike today.

Good evening, 
Sheesh, long day after being Sickly...
Did go the the bike tho:)

After picking it up I went couple hours before needing gas (first pic of bike), it was raining and cold the first hour then just cold...

Tomorrow will be a very busy day of getting the clutch modified, hitch and wire installed..
I will do my best to take some pics along the way:)

Ok, Im beat for the day..
Just a quick update.

Chat soon, 

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Good morning

Good Morning,
I should have been on the road already, its sucks im not...
This is kinda personal but I will share..
I have been Sick as heck, have not hardly been out of bed since Tuesday...
Yesterday I felt way better! Actually went out and unlocked the shop, only for a min tho.

Tomorrow going to pick up new bike, well, 06 with 13K on it...
There are others I would really like to get but I almost have to go with similar to what I had before..
I already have a hitch to fit the Vulcan, 03-08
Could have went up to a 2008 but this bike had the lowest miles, and Brand new Tires...
I know it dont sound like a big deal to get a hitch for a diff model, right? Here is the problem..
You cant just go down to your local bike shop and pick one up..
They are ALWAYS special order.. takes FOREVER to get!!
Dont have the luxury of time the weather in the Northwest it getting a little moody, so really good idea to get over all the passes as soon as possible.
1 week can make a huge difference.

Tuesday morning have quite the "To Do" list
1) install Hitch
2) install wiring
3) install "Judges Washers" and  "Mean streak" spring.
            (Makes the clutch VERY heavy duty)
That may look like a short list but it will be all day.......

Wednesday will be spent packing both the bike and trailer.
Thursday is my planned departure, looks like the best weather window:)

See you all soon:)

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Hello everyone, 
Sorry bout the delay, been working on the plan!
Here it is.
First must find a bike, there are lots of them out there.. went all the way to Boise yesterday to purchase one..
When I got there it was not what I was expecting..
So now back on the look out.
Today will be spent calling on about 20 of them all around the Northwest.

Then, after getting the bike I will be headed due South to Arizona:) over to Sandiego, then naturally across the bottom to Florida..

Will be making several stops along the way...
Its RV season down south so will be stopping and make a little $$ :)  
I may leave with a 50 but dont mean I cant make some change along the way right!

Well time to get some calls made..

Chat soon

Monday, October 17, 2016

I want to delete my prior post sooooooooooo bad..
However im going to leave it, just for perspective.

Im not done yet!!

Chat soon


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

I have failed..

It is with heavy heart I write my final post.

My Vision for the last couple years has been blinding, had no clue as to how much it has effected my daily life.
I wake everyday with it, I go to sleep every night with it. Absolutly clear.
Its this clarity that drives every day thru the challenges, setbacks and keeps a person looking for the ultimate end result. 

This morning I wake and understand the missery associated with out having it..
I feel my vision has been completely stripped away, nothing left but pain, sorrow and complete feeling of loss.

I have always considered myself to be incredibly strong willed, however to see me now you would say otherwise.
Never have understood weakness, its not and never has been part of my being.. I guess never say never.

With zero desire to get back on the bike I have made arrangments for a local dealer to purchase it.
Im going home.


Glorious Day...

Yesterday was my most fav day of this journey, Started with the best breakfast I have had in a very long time.
Then a very short ride to Dalton GA
Years ago I discovered this location on my way to Daytona

I never was able to catch up with Julie to get a pic, I hope she knows how much I apreciate her getting me on the ground floor overlooking the Harley dealership..
Thank you Julie.

Hotel on left, Outback Steak house and Harley Dealership in same parking lot!!

Just for perspective, see the little table on right side of below pic?
That were I was sitting when taking the pic:)

More perspecitve lol

looking out the window

I then went and had dinner at the Outback..

I had actually set dinner up with Renas earlier in the day, then later went back to have dinner.
When returning to have dinner Renas came by the booth, we shared a conversation.
Renas is a true inspiration, I will not get into detail of his life or carreer but he is certain to acomplish amazing things, He would be easy to converse with for hours, he has incredible Vision.
It did not take long to feel the success of his establishment.

Renas, thank you.

Initially was not thinking about aproaching the Harley dealership however after taking the pano pic, felt it was important to get then involved first hand..
A hat seemed like the thing..

The place is awesome...

Thank you Lulu

Friday Steak night, Sat fish fry!

My friends Kenny and Denise..
Friday night Steaks, incredible potato dish in dutch oven over the fire.. The menu is actually way to long to list..

This was a family event, I took lots of pics and a video or two, however it was a private event, will not be posting any of them..

Have been invited back for the fish fry Saturday evening:)

Kenny has a pretty fancy mower, getting everything ready!!

Still getting everything ready to go!!

what a great time it was:)

Now Saturday (fish fry night)  Im staying out at the Farm
Tent and all :)

Reminded me of the old tent trailer:)
Very comfy!!
Again took lots of pics but im sure you understand they are not mine to share...

I will say it  was absolutly an incredible time!!

Thank You ALL:)

Chase and John helped me out with a firearm challenge..

Thanks Guys :)


So my bike goes thru a little oil. Nothing excessive, but every now and then I need a quart.

Thank you Jeff:) 

Fuel stop and Fellow rider!

Time for some fuel, but ran into fellow rider Doug:)
We shared some stories, always nice to hear others adventures :)

Thank you Doug:)

Quik e Burger

A huge burger at Quik e Burger!
The burger fries and shake are to much to eat in one sitting!!
Great burger!

Thanks Ryan:)

Ed's Cycle Cleveland TN

The Team at ED's Cycle:)
These guys are wonderful people.
I have never felt so comfortable in a place of business, incredible smiles, you could genuinly feel these guys enjoy what they do,, Cant thank them enought for their support in the blog.
Wish I had this kind of business back in my home town!

Thank you to each and every one of you:)

KOA Chattanooga North:)

Good morning,
Been awhile right!
Well first and foremost Thank you very much to Ann at the Chattanooga North KOA!
I shared with Ann the challenge of Hurricane Mathew and the Blog. She totally got it.
I staying 3 night till Saturday morning.
Ann and Her family have done a wonderful job at this location.
The park is clean and comfortable, was soooooo nice to have a place I could actually unpack the bike and not worry about security:)

My campsite was awesome, power water and fire pit:)
What more could you ask for:)

I also have to mention I met some absolutly wonderful people while here:)

Thank you Ann:)
Will be seeing you guys again.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Sitting tight for few days.

Set up pretty good to wait out Hurricane Mathew!
Tennessee Georgia Border, sitting tight for a few days before making any decisions on the next step.
Very comfy park wonderful facilities, power rigtht at the tent.. 
What more could a person ask for:)

Will be hanging out with my Buddy Kenny tonight, setting up his RV on the family farm for an upcoming "Fish fry"
They are always fun to be around so looking forward to it..

There are challenges to being in one place for to long, there are only so many places to eat and only will aproach one time...
So will not return under the concept of the Blog..
This means my budget is almost gone.. 
Lets put it into perspective :)

This is my current state.
9 bucks cash
2.36 left on the Pilot card have done my best to keep this number close to 50 thanks again(unofficially) to Pilot managers across the US :)
Pack of smokes and 4 beers lol
Now I realize the smokes and beer are not required to survive??
But dang, its certainly required to enjoy the Ride! lol.. Well I dont drink and ride but you know what im sayin:)
Oh and half tank of fuel.
Im good at the park till Saturday morning:)
Oh and one Arbys gift card for a combo meal:)

Now when I said very comfy park I meant it
How awesome is this!!
I will for sure give them proper thanks when I head out Sat morning. VERY nice people!!
And again very nice facility!

Speaking of which, im headed for the shower, then going to address this financial challege lol

Have a glorious day!
Chat soon 

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Morning Update:)

Time to get some breakfast and update the blog..
Was thinking a sitdown breakfast:)

Thank you Lisa:)

My friends Kenny and Denise:)

Remember this guy!
Could not head out of Tennessee without saying hello and having a beverage, 
And certainly did that!

Stayed in the "Man Cave" wonderful wonderful getting to catch up:)

He has been telling me about his buddy Turner who is also a Fellow Rider...
I had to meet him!! He finally showed up and round two began lol
Turner has gone on some incredible journeys on an amazing bike, the night went by way to fast!
You have GOT to go check out his adventure!!

The thread above takes you to his story.. Its awesome!  Thank you Turner:)
Took this pic off the above link.

Thank you Kenny and Denise for welcoming me into your home.
Great company and your truely wonderful people:)

Chat soon,

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Tired and Beat..

Im tired and beat...
This freaking Hurricain BS, has me a little frustrated.
Its challenging enough doing what im doing, then to have the storm stop me... Grrrrrrr.

I did have a very awesome conversation today with a fella in the Arby's parking lot.
Upbeat and posative person.
Enjoyed it more than ya know:)

Naturally I will figure what to do... 
Thinking time for a beer:)

Have a glorious day and sorry for the delay on blog..

Chat soon.

Couple days off the bike.

Very nice campground right on the river:)
WONDERFUL facilies! 
Tood a couple days to rest, and was happy to stay at the Wispering Pines:)

Thank you :) 

Amazing Food!!

I have been fortunate to eat some wonderful food on this journey, and have to say Smokin Joe's in Walland TN is flat out incredible!
Sandy is part of the foundation, and has done an amazing job.
Very friendly and the food was off the charts!
All the trophys you see on the shelf? Could not get them all in the pic..
For BBQ competitions:)

Thank you Sandy:)

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Home for the night Newport TN.

Home for the night!

Turns out Bert had some riding stories to share:) its awesome how riding brings people together.
It always reminds me of the saying " If you have to ask, you will never understand"

Thank you Bert:)


When I pulled into Newport headed for home (KOA) could not help but noticed the Gigglin Pig.
How can you not right!

Absolutly Delish!! And very much enjoyed chatting with Tom.
Wonderful history, busy place and very obvious why!

Thank you Tom, 
Look forward to cathing up with you again:)

Good ride!

Made some good time for a change!
We left Hagerstown MD and went 536 miles! Not to shabby lol

Little bummed, have been riding with Dale and Sherry for about the last thousand miles.
Great time, they however headed South 50 miles Back..

Great people and will be catching back up with them when I get to Florida..
Look forward to riding to Key Largo with them:)

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Day is started.

6:00 came way to soon this morning... Sheesh

Anyways, it for sure rained thru the night, still some water laying in the parking lot.

The weather map looks good tho, just need to get another 50 -75miles or so and appears to clean up;)

Yeeee haaaa!!


Papa Johns was right across the street, these guys were having a good time, BUSY place..
Please dont mis understand having a good time as not being productive..
These guys were getting it handled.. Looked like they all worked amazing together!

Good job Susie!
Thank you.


Dale the Guy and his wife im riding with Paid for the Bud, I got a 6 of Coors light!

Thank you Pat!


Best Western in Hagerstown is Very Cool!
Riding thru town to get here was one of the top 10 experiences on this trip!
Food close and breakfast It worked out perfectly!!
Beer time!

Thank you Viktor:)

Weather not nice today.

The weather is not cooperating today.
Left Allentown at check out time, noon, went maybe 40 miles and the drizzly weather started to come back.
Never actually rained, just drizzle like... 
Enough to make it uncomfortable in many ways.
For example guessing it was first moisture for a while because the roads were SLICK and traffic was slow yet intense..
So after leaving a little late and the weather it sure took a long time to only go 150 miles.
Pulled into Hagerstown MD to get fuel and smokes.
Was thinking another 50 miles or so... It was now 4:00 so decided to get on the phone and figure out lodging before getting back on the road.
Good thing, after making several calls, all the hotels in Winchester VA... Discovered there was an event going on and the hotels were all booked, in fact the overflow hit the surrounding towns as well..
Ran into the same challenge here in Hagerstown..
Got lucky im thinking:)
Any ways it worked out..

First fuel.

First fuel of day!

Love Pilot, up to date have been awesome:) 

Thanks guys for making the trip a little more comfy:)