Thursday, November 24, 2016

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

LONG Day!!

So was up at am, lots to do before heading to the Chattanooga airport.
Pack, which was actually simple, just a carry on that my buddy Kenny hooked me up with.
Remember* I have mostly riding stuff lol, and would need it all when I got back in January.
So pretty much left everything, including clothes..
The breaking camp and getting it stored what took the longest. Now its all safely being stored at my buddies. Thanks again Kenny:)
Anyways, now its off to the airport, have to be there at 5:30AM.. turns out my flight has been delayed:/
Naturally it has now meant my connecting flights will not work.
So on the phone I get:) luckily was able to get it sorted out but now its a very long day.

You can tell I was tired. Sheesh

As you know "riding" is the form of transportation I prefer, I appear out of place sitting there, and the reason is BECAUSE I WAS lol
Same here, can you imagine riding thru here! (Next pic)

Actually one of these days Im thinking burn right down itno the heart of the city and check it out!
What an adventure that would be for a small town guy!
Any ways very glad to be home, have lots to do but will post the progress daily:)

Being home days before Thanksgiving is an unexpected blessing, I suspect every person who reads this blog will do their best to pass along posative energy to those around them:) 

Going for now, 
Have a glorious day:)

Monday, November 21, 2016


Hello all,
You may be wondering what the heck im doing so far North, in route to Florida.
Well here it is.

During the Coast to Coast trip of 2014 I bumped into a person in the TV industry.
Every since I have had lots of unwavering thoughts bounceing around in my brain.
Well, we all decided to get together the week before Thanksgiving, and thats exactly what we did:)
So after our meeting, it makes the most since to get back to Oregon and prepare for an incredible adventure:)

Now im wondering the best plan of action?
Checked the weather and guess what, Riding a bike is NOT going to happen. So plane is about the only way.
Have a couple days to kill before departure so what to do?
Well my buddy's Kenny and Denise have been wonderful host but thinking time to give them a little break lol
So headed to the KOA in Chattanooga Ann and her family are always very pleasant and provide a "Welcome Home" feeling we always appreciate:)
Thank you Ann! For sure see you again:)
Being away from Kenny's actually worked out. I love them guys however I  have decided he is a terrible influence! All we do is drink "pork chops"  lol
Stayed at the KOA Sat evening, my flight is very VERY early Monday so back to Kenny and Denise's I go!
We were good tho lol, only a couple of Beers! (Pork chops)

This journey has been unbelievable in so many ways, keep in mind "unbelievable" can mean many things.
Unbelievably good, bad, fun, miserable, hot, cold, lonely, wet, and not to mention the emotion of living on the edge of disaster.. yet on the edge the most amazing view ever...

I believe yesterday was the first unstressed breath I have taken in years.
Until now this entire "Dream" has been clear only to myself.
Dont get me wrong, my friends and family have been completely on my side and wanted to see the light, however I could sense a slight reservation...

There is comfort now in knowing its not longer a Dream.
Now it is a "process"
Process is a simple, its just a matter of doing.

I appreciate each and every one of you...
Look forward to our journey together:)
Chat soon

Sunday, November 20, 2016


Hello all,
Please send comments to
I have recieved many, just dont have anyway to reply:/
Very much look forward:)
Chat soon

Kenny and Denise's

So now I can make it the rest of way to Cleveland TN.
I have a meeting in Knoxville this week, (week before Thanksgiving) so want to be close.
Cleveland is only hour and half or so away.
I am very comfortable in the Chattanooga North KOA and thinking thats where im headed Sunday evening.

Once I hit exit 20 I had a wild hair that was saying heck with it, lets go surprise my buddy Kenny and his wife.

Pulled in the drive and they werent there?? Hmmm..
At this point its now cold and I was ready for a "Pork Chop" AKA cold beer.
So with a grin on my face went ahead and had one:)

Sent a pic of me in his driveway and we hung out all week.
What an incredible way to spend the week, turns out my meeting was on Friday.

My view the week before Thanksgiving:)

Lets eat;)

After getting settle into my room, turned the heat up a little farther than I normally would It made me hungrey lol.
The hotel has a list of food in town and could not get past the Seafood and Rib Buffett.
Gave them a quick call, Susan put me thru to Bobby and he invited me down for dinner:)
Holy Cow!!
What an incredible experience!
Had a frog leg for the very first time ever, and yes!! Taste just like chicken lol
Not sure how many it would take to make a meal but didnt matter.
I knew it would be a trick to get me past them ribs.. they were the bomb!!
Wonderful atmosphere as well.
Bobby invited me back in the moring for the Breakfast buffett as well, I was very tempted but my schedule being so tight I was unable to make it..
I hope you know how much I appreciate the incredible hospitality:)

Thanks again Bobby and Susan:)

Texarkana- Forrest City AR.

After my late start and shorter days 300 miles is a good day.
The sun and temps go down very quickly this time of year so getting settled in is very important.
Forrest City has ONE rv park in town and not set up for a "tent" style trailer. The owner was a very nice person just was not able to accommodate my set up.
Im now cold and going to the next town is not an option..
I jumped on the bike road the short distance to the Comfort Suites.
As you know I stay in hotels frequently in adverse conditions.
Its seams to always work out:)
Ryane was behind the counter and got me all hooked up:)

Thank you Ryane


I sat down last night to relax after arriving at the KOA in Texarkana and notice the cords showing on my tires..
Before leaving Oregon I had pulled the tires off my other trailer, they had about 4000 miles on them and looked really good.
However I overinflated them... bad idea.
I noticed bout mid way thru Nevada they were not wearing good, so I let some air out.
Not wanting to be 120 plus miles away from a replacement I added a undersized spare under my cooler.. its a temp spare at best.
When I left Benson Arizona Troy, the manager I mentioned from Partners RV park pointed out the Tractor Supply near me.
I picked up a full size tire.. been packing it around on top of the trailer lol
After discovering the cords showing I decided it was time to replace both tires before leaving Texarkana..
Picked up another tire at Walmart and changed them out in the parking lot:)
So now on good tires for the rest of trip.
Has put me behind schedule tho.. 
650 miles to go..

Changed route again:)

So today I have again changed up my route lol
After committing to crossing interstate 20 I was thinking going alll the way to Jackson Mississippi.
Remember Im wanting to not only hit all 4 corners but all of the lower 48.
So crossing 20 would put me into Louisiana and Mississippi.
I realized on my way back to Yuma, I would be going thru the southern parts of both states so no big deal:)
Now I end up going right thru Dallas, I have to admit im a little intimidated knowing im pulling the trailer.

After the fact!
I was very amazed how polite and friendly the Fort Worth, Dallas people are.
It really did remind me of when I set off to Michigan, how freaked out I was and discovered how wrong I was...
Very friendly.


2 more days of riding, Today made it to Texarkana TX and again called ahead to the KOA.
I know it looks as tho I stay at lots of KOA's your right... I do lol
This particular KOA has unique RV Art collection.. very cool:)

El Paso to Abaline, new direction and Havolina hogs.

So initially I was going to Take 10 all the way across to Louisiana, then North to Knoxville.
However my plan changed up a bit.
I decided for time reasons to go across on 20 rather than 10. Cuts off several hundred miles and at my current miles per day it equaled a "day"
So went to Abaline!
Off I go.
As the sun started to fall behind me I pulled over for gas and change over to clear glasses.
The gal behind the counter seeing I was on a bike made sure to remind me of the large numbers of Deer and Havolina Hogs..
I guess these things like hanging out in the road.
Thanks for that mental pic.
I had called ahead to the KOA so as you can imagine I was happy to arrive safely..
The owners were unavailable for a pic so did my fallback pic of the sign:)

Thanks guys:)

Mission RV park El Paso TX

I have to say, very happy to get ahold of Alex at the Mission RV Park in El Paso
Never being in this region of the US I was eager to find a secure place to call home for the evening:)
BTW, it was a little chilly in El Paso, whats up with that! The sun went down and sheesh!
Thanks again Alex:)

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Quick stop for lunch in Deming NM

I have not been eating much along the trip so figured good idea to take a moment and grab a quick bite.

Thanks you for your service Steve.

Benson AZ to El Paso TX

Today actually puts me all the way thru New Mexico and across border into Texas.
This region is all new to me so looking forward to checking it out:)

Yuma to Benson AZ

Yuma to Benson, 285 miles.. I know it dont look far however it somehow took the entire day to accomplish...

Monday, November 14, 2016

Partners RV Park Benson AZ

Long day of riding in the Arizona desert..
When the sun starts to go down, it gets COLD in a hurry!!
I was hoping to get farther today but it was not going to happen.
Late in the day, sun going down, tires on trailer are not doing so good.
So found the Partners RV park in Benson AZ.
Very easy to find, right by Walmart:)
So pull in and meet Troy and CoryAnn..
Wonderful people and Very interesting(in a good way)
Troy and CoryAnn could write about there life and I would for sure buy the book.
Its so cool when traveling you get the opportunity to meet wonderful people just like them.
On my return trip I will be stopping back by to say hello, and look forward to wonderful conversation.
Thank you CoryAnn and Troy, hope to see you soon:)

Lunch time on Election day!

So stopped to have a quick lunch, the elections were happening on the big TV.. 
Was hard not to stay and watch but had a long ways yet to go!!
Thanks for lunch Gigi:)

Packing up in Yuma to head out

Well almost packed up and ready to go.. its early but the weather is AWESOME!!
So nice to be warm after heading down from the Northwest!
Still have a very long ways to go...

Border patrol road block and amazing view

Not used to seeing border patrol, this is the only region in the US I have ever experienced this.
Was very interesting, spending most of my time in the North side of the country it was again very interesting.

 There was actually a mountain range to cross..
Amazing view.. the pics do NOT do it justice.

Southwest Corner.. San Diego CA.

So now that I have a great place to park the trailer, its time to bust out the Southwest corner of the US..
Just so happens to be San Diego CA.
Nice to be on the bike without the trailer for a change:)
Hey there it is!!!
I was not there long, still have almost 200 miles back to Yuma and want to be back before dark

It was actually a very nice ride across CA. Fortunately I did make it back before dark lol

Mesa Verde RV Resort, Yuma AZ.

Very nice place to stay, and the people are great!
Lewis the Manager of the Mesa Verde Resort is a fellow rider and has a very nice Harley!
Thanks Lewis:)

Quartsite to Yuma

Today is Quartsite to Yuma,
Figure on getting to Yuma, finding a nice place for the evening.
The ride is simple only 80 + miles:)

Thursday, November 10, 2016


So pulled into Quartsite after dark, pulling into a fuel station to find perspective on where to camp for the night..
Its wonderful how things just seam to work out.
I bump into Archie, was asking him where he would recommend camping?
Power was my only real concern, after several minutes of conversation pretty soon Archie just said "follow me"
Turns out Archi and his wife Terry have what I can only describe as an Arizona desert Resort!!
His buddy Steve was visiting as well and have to say we had some awesome conversation.
70 degrees, fire going, cold beer, great company... What a wonderful adventure:)
Will be looking forward to seeing them again:)
Thank you Archie and Terry:) and Steve as well:)

Ely NV to Quartsite AZ

Looking forward to getting in to the warm weather!!
My route today gets just that:)
It is another one of those 140 miles of desert tho.. not going to lie, its a little intimidating..

I feel terrible for not taking pics along the way, started the day freezing, in the high desert,, in the middle of no where..
Pics were not on my mind.
Finally after getting thru Vegas and Kingman, just North of Parker AZ  I stopped for a smoke.
No way to put this pic in perspective its actually way down a cliff to the water...
None the less, Have about an hour or so left on the bike for the day.. 
You can see the sun is getting low, guessing bout 30 min of light left..
So off I go:)

Valley View RV park Ely NV.

I have to say, it was a long cold ride, pulled into Ely just as dark arrived...
Was very happy to discover the Valley View RV park as I entered Ely.
If your in and RV and staying in Ely, this is the place to go.

Thank you Claude:)

Eagle ID, to Ely NV.

Hello all,
Heading for Yuma there are many ways to go, I decided on going right down thru Nevada.

The challenge is gas.
The fuel stops between Wells and Ely NV. Are ZERO.... and its 138 miles across the desert.
Normally not a big deal, however pulling the trailer, In the constant wind, im not willing to risk the consequences..
So added something to the inventory.

Two gal gas can.. 
I know just more stuff to carry, but sheesh, imaging running out of fuel!
This will put it in perspective..

After entering Nevada
I stopped to take a pic of the straight, NO traffic, NO people road.... this is looking South, the direction of travel obviously:)

Now back behind me lol, absolutly nothing!
Im thinking the gas can is a good idea:)  

Chat soon,

Boise ID, G7 Resort.

Good morning,
First day on the road was happy to get to the G7 resort in Eagle ID, I hade stayed here before and knew I would be coming back:)

Did wake up to Ice on the seat, not usually a good sign when your on a bike lol

Best be hitting the road..
Thank you Charlotte:)

Friday, November 4, 2016

Finally on the road!!

Hey guess what?!?!
Yes, finally on the road:)!:)!
Will bring you all up to speed in the morning, this is my first stop for the trip..
Have long ways to go and have to say im on a little bit of a time challenge..
Only have 9 more days to get to Knoxville, but first want to hit the Southwest corner, so headed to San Diego.. hope to be there in two more days:)
Will be nice to get to the warm part of the country:)

Chat soon,