Wednesday, January 25, 2017

1.24 Lafayette done for the niight!

Today was only about 200 miles, but the side winds and Sun beat me up!
I know the Lafayette KOA would be a good place to stop because Glen had mentioned the were very nice people:)
And yes they are!

Great place to spend the evening:)
Wonderful facilities, everythng you would expect from a well taken care of KOA:)

Now Im not looking forward to tomorrow.....
Have heard lots about Houston traffic.. LOTS
And none of it good!!
So doing my best to mentally prepare lol
Im kinda thinking just getting to the West side would make me a happy camper lol
That was funny!! Lol
Ok ok.... 

1.24 Just a quick pit stop.

Yesterday was a long day, so today Im not going as far.
In fact I seen a KOA sign and just had to pull in. Frankly I had some coffee that had run full coarse and time to pull over anyway:)
Now as you all know Im a huge fan of KOA, they all do a wonderful job.
Great service, secure and can always know your in a good place.
However, everything is based on a curve.

Glen and his staff have raised the bar.
I was promptly greeted with a smile, I mentioned right away I had no intention of staying and asked permission to use the facilities.
Certainly was his responce with the most genuine hand gesture showing the way.
After using the restroom I could not help but investigate the place a bit:)
This place is absolutly spotless!
I do mean spotless! Countertops, floors all modern yet still has the floor-plan and nostalgia of "typical" KOA
And I will mention one more time, SPOTLESS!!
Outside the same care has been taken in virtually every aspect.
Turns out they have a wonderful story, been in the family a very long time:)
Every employee had the same genuine smile, happy to be of service..

I realize I may have got a little long winded on this..
When your 2500 miles from home, traveling in at what times feels like a foreign country.
Its nice to feel at home..

Glen, Thank you!

1.23 Gulfport MS,

Well today was a 400 mile day!
Called ahead to the Baywood RV park in Gulfport and parked next to a fellow rider!
My instant priortiy was to get that soaked trailer up so it could dry out.
My new Neibor/Friend/Brother was very helpful in getting me all set up.
Thanks Alan S.

Its only natural to have a "pork chop" while setting up camp:)
Now for all of you that know me "pork chop" is code for "cold beer" lol
Well in this case it was almost cold... my ice gave up several hours back!
Anyways, Alan again rose to the occasion and gave me a ride to store with the golf cart:)
Keep in mind it vitually shared the parking lot with the RV park, so there were no laws broke!

Very excited to be in a warmer climate, good to see all the people out enjoying it:)
And the riding is sooooooo much more comfortable!

Mon 1.23 departing Little River

So it rained, rained and rained some more, the weather said 1-2 inches over night.
How I did not wake up soaked is beyond me! Wow!
Now the bad part is there is no way to get the trailer dry before I head out..
Still raining a bit, not bad but still plenty wet.

Did really like the location thought this was a cool set up:)

Now all packed up:)

Yes everything is still soaked, but not much I can do about it.
Im certain there is prolly 15 pounds of water weight in my outside carpet, plus what Ive tracked inside.
Again, it is what it is...

So off to Gulfport MS.
Via the Whataburger at exit 141..
Kennys wife said I had to pull in and give it a try:)

Sun 1.22 Raining like a banshee

So done with the rain!!
Wow, this storm has got me off the road in Fort Payne Alabama.
Had not planned on stopping but its first day back to riding and didnt want to take chances.
The good news is the handling of the Aspen Trailer!
I mentioned it was a tiny bit heavier but have to say it handles like a dream compared to the old one!
It poured rain while I set up so was on it pretty quick.
Stuck in the trailer all night did not even take one pic lol
Great campsite tho. Not that I was able to enjoy it due to the rain.
Stayed at the Little River RV park just out of Fort Payne.

Leaving Tennessee

I know, been long time!
Well the cool news is im on the road again.
Packed up loaded down pretty heavy actually, real curious how the new Aspen Quality Tent Trailer is going to handle compared to the old Kwik Kamp..
Its a tad bit more weight.

Getting a very late start out of Cleveland TN, (1ish) hoping to make it to Birmingham AL for the night.
Running head long into a horrible storm, however it was time to get going!
My ultimate goal is South to Gulf Port LA. Then across 10 to Yuma. Then when the weather permitsNorth back to home..

Off and running:)
Chat soon

Saturday, January 21, 2017

2017 off and running!

Hello all,
Well I jumped on a plane and am back in Tennessee.
Went strait to my dear friends Kenny and Denise's and have very much enjoyed my stay.

After  meeting with the Production company (Great people) and looks like moving forward it the way to go:)
There is lots to consider however, still kinda wrapping my head around it.
The plan is to come back to Chattanooga second week of Feburary.
However its not ideal. 
The weather is not wonderful, well compared to Eastern Oregon is VERY nice lol
But certainly not ideal.
The time of year and location will not allow the story line we would like to see.

So what to do?
There are only a handfull of states left to visit with the blog so Tommorrow morning heading South to get them under my belt. 

Have some other very exciting changes as well!
Picked up a New "Aspen Quality Trailer" 
Wow, what a comfort difference it makes!
You will be hearing lots about it soon:)

Oh and what do you think of the "Go Ken" Token?:)
I have always considered myself to be a "Good Friend" and its always nice to have a good friend close by:)
We all know people that could use a good friend.

I best get the day started.
Be safe out there!
Hope to see you soon:)