Thursday, March 30, 2017

Two minutes of the last Two days:)

Been busy for me! Sheesh!
Lots of phone time, and emails!
But have to bust out from under the porch or ya go crazy!

Yesterday it was just time to go...

Two minutes of the last Two days.

Thanks for watching:)
Chat soon!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Visit with Dick.

Hello all!
I have returned from La Grande!
Dang weather did NOT cooperate :/

There was a small window and ran over to say hello to my Buddy Dick.
He almost has the Trike back up and going!
As I had mentioned in a prior post he had a fuel leak and caused a horrible fire in the engine compartment.
However today its all but back together:)
Still has some wiring clean up but should only be  a week or so till fire up time!

Just a couple  quick pics!
Working on wire harness, adding some indicator lights.

Engine compartment almost back together.

It was nice seeing him even tho it was a short visit.

The rain getting ready to bear down, I figured best to get back over the Mountain
The rain can quickly turn to snow, and the pass is soooooo unpredictable..

Leaving town the rain was starting to pounce on the Grande Ronde Valley
The East bound Canyon ( I-84) looked to be clear for a moment so off I went!
Was not long after, realized I  made a common mistake! (common for me anyways)
I was under dressed for the occasion lol

Cresting Spring Creek looking over the long straight stretch into Meacham, OR
You Could see the rain bouncing off the Hwy.
My first thought is I should pull off and wait it out, but I knew the same water would be coming from behind..
So kept the throttle on:)
Fortunately the rain had passed and only had to deal with the water on the road.

Dropping into Pendleton I pulled off at the View Point to take some pics..
The sad thing is, I was so focused on warming up I forgot to take the pics... oops...
Not sure what the temp was but guessing somewhere around 37..
Finally figured I had warmed up enough to make it 17 miles down into Pendleton where it was 39 when I pulled over at the fueling station..
They have BBQ burritos and a counter to sit.. I took my time with that burrito lol
Great people!

Soooo now back in the shop.
Been working on logistics most of the day, but good day for it...
Watching the weather closely as you might imagine..

Many of the people I chat with on a regular basis are experiencing similar weather challenges.
Sure would enjoy seeing some warm weather riding pics:)
Send them to us!

Chat soon

Sunday, March 19, 2017

La Grande

Please read prior post to understand todays.

Good morning all:)
Getting on the bike heading to La Grande was awesome!
“Riding”  If you're reading this blog, and you ride… I need not say more.
However just in case….
Approaching the onramp 25 miles West of Pendleton heading East it's a perfect 50’s degree day…  (perfect, because i'm riding that is)
15 miles or so before entering Pendleton where i'm stopping to supply, the chinook winds came about!
Prolly 20 mph out of the South but WARM:) the warm certainly raised the bar on enjoyment:)
The warm worked out till the top of Cabbage hill, where last weekend there was still several feet of snow. Naturally curious to see how much snow remained in last weekends camp site I pulled in to check it out. Lots had melted..(forgot to get pic)

Nonetheless it was a beautiful ride:)
Entering the Grande Ronde Valley is magnificent, this pic was taken riding down into town.
You can see the sun is shining, but them dark clouds soon decided to let go!

Dumped some rain! However when it stopped it blessed the Valley with a beautiful rainbow.
In fact this morning when getting coffee everyone was talking about it:)

Took shelter under the Awning at the Wendy’s.. I know it's over the McDonalds.. (they share the parking lot)

I bumped into a professional cross country driver, he had a quip walking past saying “I see you're on the rainmaker” lol (bike)
Its was funny! He also is a fellow rider out of Joplin MO. We instantly hit if off!
After some wonderful riding stories it was getting late. We exchanged information for when he is back with his bike!

Getting late in the day it's time to get camp set up.
Pretty comfy to say the least!

Later that evening some very nice folks pulled in next to me.
They are from Canada.
Its funny how everything works out the way it does.
We enjoyed an absolutely wonderful conversation, which encompassed a wide variety of topics.. Unlike anything I had every experienced with our neighbors in the North.
They truly added a sense of profound perspective on many of my preconcieived thoughts.
Thanks guys for the incredible conversation:)

Thanks for reading:)
Chat soon!

“Good friends working together can accomplish anything!”

Saturday, March 18, 2017

"Riding on the blog"

Time to jump in 2017
I have sat in front of a digital screen for the last several days.
Setting up events, getting a Facebook “page” please know the “page” lacks a “friends” list but please “follow” along:)
Same with the Blog, hit that “follow button”.

The Journey we are taking this year is certain to be filled with lots of really cool stuff:)
We will be Crossing the United States a number of times, From the Pacific Coast to Atlantic.
Florida (SE corner of the US)The last “corner” we will be checking off the list!
Still have 3 states to visit. RI. CT. And MD.

Have a number of events to attend in Tennessee!
For example June, the Motocampers “Cherohala Chill Out” Right at the “Dragon”
The group is passionate about riding and camping “Ride, Camp, Repeat”!

There are also many places in North Carolina, Kentucky I would like to explore.
Figured would also check off the “last” of the lower 48 States being so close:)

Back in Oregon for July, “Baker City Bike Rally”and “Pendleton BIke Week”
Looking forward to being part of those incredible events:)
Washington State first week of August for another Motocampers gathering, then 3rd week back to Tennessee.
Its no secret I have really enjoyed TN.
My buddy Kenny and family are amazing people they have helped me understand the culture of the South.

So today…
You have heard me use the term “Riding on the blog”
When I'm “Riding on the blog” it means Coast to coast on a 20
Or all four corners on a 50
Its LOTS of work! Everything! Food, gas, smokes, lodging etc….
For example
For a tank of gas it requires me to get off the bike.. Rain, snow, hot or cold wind etc
Then, share the story:)
Sometimes I would like to just not lol
Again, its LOTS of work!

When I'm “riding on the blog” Im meet the most important people. The people that have inspired the direction!
Typically these folks are humble, and not so quick to share their story or dream..
They have underlying characteristics..
They always hold the door for ya when entering.. fuel stations, restaurants etc...
Always while casting  a smile and  quick nod :)
Good people.
We want to listen intently, it's their story we want to hear:)
Its also. these people who’s lives we want to touch.

Im headed out, “Riding on the Blog”

Chat soon:)

“Good Friends working together can accomplish anything!”

Friday, March 17, 2017

Facebook Page!

I started a "page" :)
Be awesome if ya "liked" and "followed"
Then I will know how much time to invest in it lol

Thank for all of your support:)
Hit the link below!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Camping in the snow:)

I have mentioned it's not quite riding season…
Heck with it!!
Emigrant Springs State Park!
Only about an hour from home, don't get the snow for about last 10 miles or so.
The ride up was awesome!
3-4 feet in the park still… I failed to get pics when the bike and trailer were stuck lol
I attempted to go across about 30 feet of packed snow/slush.. made it just until the trailer was entering it and there I sit lol.
Ended up unhooking the trailer much like when I was stuck in my driveway a few weeks ago:)
Found a back way around the park where only had to cross a few feet of slush at a time!

Now first things first...
Wood? Wood is always important! Everything is fun when kicking around a campfire lol
Nice feathure of Emigrant Springs is lots of wood very inexpensive:)

Now how can that be beat?
Campfire and a beverage:)
The rain was a little much so finally decided to throw up a tarp, was mighty comfy after that:)
Dinner was a great time, chilli and cheddar dogs over the fire:)
You can see the can on the other side:)

It's always amazing how now matter where a person is out enjoying life you bump into others doing the same:)
A nice couple from Walla Walla were out for a drive stopped to say hello, they had a similar trailer.
Struck up a wonderful conversation.
Im guessing we will cross paths in the future on a camping adventure:)

Not possible to describe the relaxation experienced sitting around a campfire.
The snow adds a unique element to the adventure.
With that being said not sure a tent on the ground would be an option.
but the Aspen made it very comfortable:)

Have a couple hours of wood left, packing up and heading down the mountain, where it will feel like summer lol
Hmmmm dont like to idle in altitude...
Had to help a little till she warmed up a bit:)

Less snow on the road for departure, thank goodness! Getting stuck yesterday sucked lol

Outta here:)

Chat soon

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Good weather coming soon:)

The weather still not friendly for getting out of town:/
But that's ok!
I am parked next to my local sporting goods store and having an awesome time:)
Have had the opportunity to meet lots of very nice people and hear about their camping and riding adventures!
Another week or two and should be able to get back on some out of town adventures:)

Picked up a portable solar system this morning and have to say seems to do a great job of providing ample power to keep everything charged:)
Do need a multi port USB adapter tho.
Typically everywhere I camp has power available but there are a number of primitive camp sites where power would be handy:)
No longer a challenge!

This summer will be busy,
Have already started filling up the calendar.
Hells Canyon Rally in Baker City in July
Pendleton Bike week in July!
Harrison Bay Tennessee for the Eclipse in August.
Many other events i'm looking at, just have not committed yet lol

It's no secret this year will be promoting the Northwest, lots of amazing riding and camping!

Chat soon