Friday, May 19, 2017

Departure not far away.

Hello everyone,

Getting close to throttle time!
Florida on 50 bucks it is:)
Florida is the last remaining corner to go on a $50

If you're just now joining us you will find this Blog to be about going after your passion and let nothing stand in your way! Regardless of what it is!

When Im on the road like this I make it very clear I do NOT have to do this. I choose to step WAY out of my comfort zone to share with others that it's ok:)

If you're inspired to get out and do something off the hook, then awesome!
If you feel sorry for me then you don't quite get it yet:)

So as I navigate the US I will be looking forward to meeting many of you along the way..
Please keep in mind I will NOT be asking you for financial support, I would never allow that to interfere with pure conversation.
However I would ask one thing...
Here is how you each can help…

Follow Along, that's it…
When I ask this i'm talking about actually hitting the “follow like and share buttons” :)
On this page and Facebook page:)

You may detect a little reservation in my voice, its just kinda dawning on me that I have now commited publicly!

I do not have my exact route planned as of yet, weather is still a bit of a factor in places and so many people to meet.

You guys are awesome!
Thanks for watching:)

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