Saturday, May 13, 2017

Tire done!

Good Morning,

So Tuesday morning all packed and ready to head out.
Weather is beautiful! Looking forward to meeting up with a number of friends over the next couple days here in the Northwest!

Bike washed and waxed, Trailer also washed and waxed.  Nice to get back out with everything all shinny:)

Quick check of oil and tire pressure..
Oil good, tire pressure turns out is not that important….
When rolled bike back to expose the air valve I discovered this!

I knew it was getting thin. In fact ordered a tire the day before anticipating changing it out when back.
Well didn't work that way…

Instead I spent Tues, Wed & Thurs on logistics….
I received the call Thurs evening that my tire had arrived so looking forward to getting installed as early as possible Friday!

I had been in contact with Cycle Town a successful local dealer. Keep in mind it's the busy time of year for them however they assured me if I removed the tire/wheel and brought it in they would get right on it!

Now i'm no slouch when it comes to figuring stuff out but time is a real challenge right now.
So I reached out to Vulcan riders to see what pointers I could utilize to save time and frustration..
Turns out it's a fairly simple R&R.

Good stuff! Thanks Kawasaki Vulcan Owners Group

Tire removed and at the down at shop..
I am not looking forward to putting this thing back together with only two hands. Looking for a third hand:)
My buddy Carl had just returned the day before so guess who I called lol
When I removed the tire I taped the entire process. However when Carl arrived to help, It went back together so fast I failed to take even one pic lol..
Turned out to be a great day!
Tire back on, and test ride with my Brother Carl!
Good times...

Today is likely to be a very busy day! Heading to the Umatilla Marina!
Looking forward to a new vid:):)

Ok, I’m getting on it!
Have a glorious Saturday!!

Chat soon

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