My Buddy Dick H. and the Trike:)

This is a quick over view of my Buddy Dick H.

My Brother Dick H.
Dick's Trike project a few years ago.

He really did a good job making it easy to work on:)

Getting closer:)

It was time for a front tire,

A local sponsor provided a New one!

Time to extend them floor boards a bit for safety and comfort

Templates for extended floor boards!

looking good Dick!

Sweet! its on the road!!

Time to go for a Ride!!

Hmmm, that's not good.....

later that day....
even later....
The new center piece in my shop

Turns out it was time to pull that motor..

We spent many of hours, days and weeks pulling the Trike down and rebuilding the motor..

Its was good time but we were both happy when it was getting closer to being done!
going back together:)
Oh looky there!!
Back on the road! I borrowed it to go after some "pork chops"
They say there is one in every can lol

Was the first and only time I rode it..
Handles like a dream!
Thanks for letting me take it for a spin:)

This was a throttle cable adjustment if I recall

It was time to go work the bugs out of it!

We did took off for a 1200 mile loop here in Oregon.

Clyde Holiday State Park.
Near John Day Oregon.
Pit stop:)

Nothing like riding with a good friend! nothing!

another pit stop lol

Cant remember why we stopped this time lol

That little dang tank was a challenge!

Second time running out of gas lol
Good times!

It was hot and we found shade!
Multnomah Falls, OR

It was so very hot!! this was a couple hours later at Palouse State Park.

We found a sprinkler that passed at our feet.

However a boost in water pressure soon made it hit us..

Perfect timing on the pic!

Well last fall the Trike sprung a fuel leak and caught on fire....
Fire in engine compartment
He has been working on getting it back on the road..
Will be heading up there soon to check it out..

Thank you for the incredible memories Dick H.

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