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Being a goal setting, vision driven workaholic is just who I am, however it has some drawbacks when NOT living your passion. And I was not..

2012 was the year when “Ride to Live” became a statement of truth.
Over the next couple years traveled a great deal of the US on my Harley.
Exploring, meeting incredible people, experiencing how diverse our culture really is.
Freedom of the road takes over, it allows our minds to relax, think more creatively, enjoy and appreciate “Living” :) 

2014 The Blog:
A buddy had mentioned he would love to take a summer ride but was just simply not in the financial position to do so..
It got me thinking???
I decided to Ride Coast to Coast with $20 Bucks!
My goal was to cross the United States, Leaving Oregon to Atlantic Ocean then back to the Pacific Ocean.
Sounds like a wonderful opportunity to inspire others to step out of their comfort zone and pursue a desire or dream. 

20,000 miles 4 months later:)(19,8??) to be more accurate 
Hundreds of “Go Ken” supporters from coast to coast, gas, lodging, tire, beer and dinning anything you can imagine on such a journey:)
Each of these people shared their personal dreams of doing.

These people changed my life forever!

It was time to create something beautiful!
Get enough good friends together, ANYTHING can be accomplished!
One of my new friends is in TV Production. 
We have kept in touch:)

Sept 2016 I decided to continue this path, 50 bucks and all four corners and remaining of the lower 48 of the US.
First corner,Neah Bay (Northwest corner) 
Then across the top of US to Eastport Maine.(Northeast corner)
Headed South to Key Largo (Southeast corner) I ran head long into the Hurricane. So held up in Knoxville, which is where the Production company is:)
After some missed connections, I quickly ran out of resources to maintain..
Sacrificed the bike to cover my expenses home..

At this point months later and thousands of miles. My purpose or “why”is Crystal clear!
Some of the friends I have met along the journey, deserve their “Ride”
They only dream of such a thing. We are going to make their dreams reality!
So now it's all about making this happen!

Within days of returning home I was looking for a bike and had a plan to finish up the corners and states!
Would head South to San Diego then across the bottom of US to the Keys:)
Had also set up meeting with production company for the week before Thanksgiving.
First of Nov I was on the road!
After meeting with the production team I had some really cool opportunities to wrap my head around, I realized at that moment I am the “New Guy” and needed some educating! 

I decided to Fly home days before Thanksgiving:)
Flew back second week of January to meet with the production company, refine some of my thoughts and get answers to some of my concerns.
Ultimately, We decided moving forward with some film is a good idea:) Wonderful people and look forward to getting together this summer:)

With so much to get done I was anxious to get home and build a plan of action.
Pointed the bike South towards the gulf then West when I hit water. 
Its was the only way to get home in January lol
I made it:)
11,000 miles pulling my little trailer just since November:)

Now time to get the logistics in place to inspire action! 

Thanks for interest.

Look forward to your positive impute:)

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