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It was my intention to share the “Cruising With Ken” story from inception to current.
However time is not permitting.
So here is the “about me” page featured on my blog.

Being a goal setting, vision driven workaholic is just who I am, however it has some drawbacks when NOT living your passion. And I was not..

2012 was the year when “Ride to Live” became a statement of truth.
Over the next couple years traveled a great deal of the US on my Harley.
Learning how diverse our culture really is.
Freedom of the road takes over, it allows our minds to relax, think more creatively, enjoy and appreciate “Living” :) 

2014 The Blog:
A buddy had mentioned he would love to take a summer ride but was just simply not in the financial position to do so..
It got me thinking???
I decided to Ride Coast to Coast with $20 Bucks!
Felt like a wonderful opportunity to inspire others to step out of their comfort zone and pursue a desire or dream. 
Its important to understand I did not ask for anything.
I simply shared a vision. In return people started to share their personal dreams and adventure thoughts. Sadly most are buried under layers of “life happens” and eventually let the dreams fade.
I felt responsible to help them peel back the layers of clutter and mine some of the creative ideas they still possess:)
In doing so, virtually everything needed to accomplish the trip appeared.
Gas, food, lodging repairs and maintenance.
Close to 20,000 miles in 4½ months.
I returned home with 8 dollars:)

Sept 2016 
After nurturing some thoughts a vision began to form, and quickly evolved.
To make it happen I felt it was important to ride all 4 corners of the US with a 50 dollar bill..
Again it was about sharing a story and selflessly casting a smile and positive words of encouragement.
Now only Florida is left:)

Fall 2017
2017 has been an amazing year!
We are now preparing for the final leg. Oregon to Florida.
In the past I felt it was important to travel on the merits of Cruising With Ken…
However this last leg of the 4 corners we are doing a little different.
This trip will be about enjoying the journey on a motorcycle.
Riding, the elements, camping, campfires, and the most important aspect… People.
This trip will be different in many other aspects as well.
Normally i'm solo, however this trip a camera crew and support will be along to capture the journey.
In addition to a crew, we have embraced some amazing charities. We are finalizing logistics on a number of events across the country to benefit a much greater number of people.

If you're reading this and you get awesome ideas that you would also like to step out of the box and charge after, but feel there is no way you could possible do it…
You are correct… you can't…
Forgive me if that sounded harsh. But you have heard it before. If you believe you can you can… goes both ways:)
Look at where you want to go, focus on it… soon the road blocks become hurdles and the hurdles become speed bumps. 
Look beyond all of the “obstacles” and again focus on the big picture (vision)
Soon clarity will create desire, drive and energy. Opportunities not realized before will begin to appear…

Every step of the Cruising with Ken journey has been in uncharted waters. From coast to coast with 20 dollars, navigating the entertainment industry. TV, Radio, Production, music and sponsors.
We are people just like each of you… and remain focused on the vision.
Don't get me wrong filling in the shady spots of the vision is constant.
Every day is unique for sure:)

Thank you for reading.

Look forward to your impute:)

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